The Grind Vs. The Dream: How to Assess Your Happiness with Your Current Career Path


The Grind Vs. The Dream: How to Assess Your Happiness with Your Current Career Path

By: Briana Elmore

We spend a large portion of our lives at our places of employment. It is important that we receive a certain level of fulfillment both professionally and personally. Often times we find ourselves caught in the struggle of the grind versus the dream. As a Twenty Somethin Black woman, I have found myself at the forefront of this battle to maintain financial independence and pursue my passions. It can be a very tough path to the discovery of balance between the two, but it is achievable.

As a twenty somethin, you are caught in perceived responsibility to figure it all out right now. You may have recently graduated with your degree and now find it difficult to infiltrate the work force. On the other hand you may have a degree and are no longer pleased with that line of work. You also can be a twenty something who didn’t go to school but you are in pursuit of a passion that you do not fully know how to gain momentum within thus requiring a grind to make ends meet until things start to move in your favor. Also, you could have pursued your passions but are working within that realm and learning that it does not suit your expectations.

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Whatever your path to your passions looks like, a balance between the grind and the dream does not have to be too far outside of your reach. You ask yourself these 5 questions to take the steps to direct yourself towards finding harmony in your profession and passion.

Would I classify the work that I am currently doing as a grind for money or my dream?

This question can be used as a means to look at your current perspective of how you view yourself in the professional sense. How you see yourself can affect the way that you perform in your current role. If you do not particularly love your current grind, the weight of that job can negatively impact your pursuit of your dream. Perceiving it as a means to support you as you chase your dream can assist you in maintaining your momentum in moving towards your purpose while feeling inspired to push towards what you want out of life.

Would I be happy doing this line of work for the rest of my life?

Your answer to this question could provide you with the insight to your professional desires. It is meant to serve as a catalyst to your process towards your purpose. If your current role is not something that you could do long term nor does it allow you to get to your professional purpose, then you should take that opportunity to find what would give you fulfillment.

What kind of work would I be doing if money was not a factor?

This question gives you the freedom to think simplistically about your aspirations. Simply put, your answer to this would be a job that you would do for free if all of your basic needs were met. The profession that you choose could be an indication of a potential career choice to pursue.

Is there a difference between what I am currently doing and what I would do for free?

Your assessment of the distance between your current profession and your dream job can serve as an indicator of the steps you need to take in your journey towards your purpose. This can also serve as a means to determine if you are moving in the right direction, if you can incorporate your current role into your dream, or if you have to do a complete change in career paths.

How far am I willing to stretch myself and my resources to come to a point where I am doing what I love?

After you understand your dream job and current role and have determine the needed changes, this question will help you understand what steps are needed to achieve that goal. This will also give you a means to understand the depth of your commitment to the accomplishment of navigating your dreams successfully.

This assessing of self and future can help you reach the intersection of happiness and purpose. These questions will allow you look both internally and externally to accomplish all that you are destined to achieve. We are a generation of great minds and endless talents; we owe it to the world to live at our highest potential.