Weekend Getaways: The Perfect Relaxation Tips for Short Trips


Weekend Getaways: The Perfect Relaxation Tips for Short Trips

By: Janae Abner

Ever need time to yourself? Time away from work? From school? Just for a few days. Enough time to forget about the stress of weekly responsibilities. As someone who always seems to have a jam packed week, my weekends are essential for me. The weekends are my time to unwind, relax, reflect and recharge for the upcoming week. Ever since the beginning of my sophomore year of college either with my friends or alone, I have gone on small excursions or had relaxing stay-cations to declutter my mind and have “sober” weekends.

Even though every weekend might not be a possibility, at least one weekend a month is essential. With summer quickly approaching, this is the season of relaxation. A sober weekend includes a few hours off social media, a few hours away from calls/texts, and time to yourself. Weather you’re taking a flight somewhere, a road trip, a stay-cation in a local hotel or going to a nearby friend or family’s house, planning is essential.

When planning a relaxing weekend getaway remember why you are taking the time to get away. Maybe you’ve had a stressful few weeks at work or school, or maybe you just need a change of scenery. Before just picking somewhere random make sure you budget and save. After budgeting your money pick somewhere that speaks to your current mood, maybe a beach, a different city, country side, etc. Decide if this is an solo trip or a trip with your girls. Make a relaxing playlist or two of songs that put you in a good mood. Keep your luggage light and comfortable, remember this trip is all about relaxing. Finally, make a list of activities that will keep you occupied for when you decide to take breaks from your phone.

Following these tips will help you enjoy that weekend of decluttering your mind and staying “sober” from all negativity and distractions. Enjoy!