No Junk July! [Not Your Ordinary Detox]

No Junk July! [Not Your Ordinary Detox]

By: Anna Robbins

June was a fabulous month, Am I right?! During the month of June I completed a challenge with my clients, at a fitness club I manage, where we committed to 3 things we would not eat for the entire month of June and then report back how we felt after the month ended. Most of the women wrote down similar things such as carbs (bread and too much rice), sweets (good luck with that!), and cookies and things… On my flag I wrote “Fast Food, Harris Teeter Muffins, and Men”. My members got a kick out of it, especially the “men” part. But to be fair, the relationships in our life can be just as toxic and cause just as much health issues as the food we eat!

With July here and June behind, I have decided to extend the No Junk June challenge I had with my clients, and personally continue with “No Junk July”, while adding to things that I want to take away from my life to build a stronger, healthier, happier-ME!

One lesson I learned with the challenge in June, is while I did make good choices and avoid the three things I had put on the list, I replaced them with other things that were not healthy either. That happens a lot in life I think! This month I am going to focus on not just avoiding things that are unhealthy, but replacing unhealthy choices with healthier ones that I can develop into long lasting habits.

Here’s 3 reasons why you should join the challenge and detox yourself from the inside (nutrition)- to the outside (relationships) this July!


  1. You are what you eat, and you are the “average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”. The foods you take in affect your mood, energy, and as we all know-your appearance. Likewise, the relationships you have also affect your mood, energy, and appearance as well! It is not new information for you to hear that although donuts look and taste good, eating a dozen doughnuts at once or even eating a donut everyday, is probably not in your best interest for your health. They may taste and look good, but they won’t bring out your best qualities. Relationships are like doughnuts versus avacados? Maybe? want to hang out with the people who bring out the best qualities in you. Eliminate what doesn’t evolve you.

  2. You deserve it. Really. You deserve to be the best you! That comes not just from the way we look, but more importantly, how we feel! Removing the things in our life that make us feel bad about ourselves, make us question are worth, or weighs us down….is ALWAYS a good idea. Develop healthy relationships with yourself, with your food, and with your friends! Healthy relationships are built on trust, honesty, and openness. Sounds like a chicken taco to me!

  3. Science Says So. Detoxing your body has the following benefits: It removes toxins, prevents chronic disease, enhances immune function, helps with weight loss, slows premature aging, increases energy, improves quality of life, improves skin quality, provides mental and emotional clarity, and restores balance to your body’s systems. Detoxing (correctly and for the right reasons) regularly, is scientifically proven to improve one’s life! While those are benefits of nutritionally cleansing your life, I would say that many of these benefits cross over in terms of getting rid of toxic relationships! So if it’s been awhile since your Facebook Purged...July may be your month get that done.


Ready to join the challenge?!