Letter to a Twenty Somethin': Accepting the Natural Nuances of Womanhood


Accepting the Natural Nuances of Womanhood | Our Cycle

By: Timoshanae Wellmaker

Dear Twenty Somethin,

You are a woman. A whole woman and that comes with a lot! One of the things that includes is our cycle. I can speak for myself and say that growing up, there were so many things I failed to understand in regards to the importance and beauty of my little monthly gift. 

The first time I got my menstrual cycle was in middle school and I was so embarrassed. I sat through class and waited until everyone left to let my teacher know something was “wrong.” Fast forward to my twenties and I see so many women carrying around this subconscious belief that cycles are ugly and even dirty times of the month when this is far from the truth. Our cycles are a part of our growing womanhood. Instead of us looking at it as something shameful or embarrassing, we should hold our heads high and know that this is part of what makes us women. It’s a part of our reality. If not for our cycles we wouldn't be able to properly conceive and reproduce.

In my twenties I am learning that it is okay to be open about my cycle. It changes and I am still learning my body. Another thing I wish I knew earlier is that we don’t simply grow out of “accidents.” Twenty-year-olds don’t get this magical power that causes us to all of a sudden to become so self-conscious. Asking a friend to look at our pants to make sure nothing is on it every now and then is second nature to us.

It’s also important to take our cycles serious. What are they trying to tell us about the ways we are treating our bodies or the products we use? It is our job to do research on products that are targeted for us, but might not be the best for us (check out what’s being used in your pads, tampons, etc.). 

Overall, I really want us to be comfortable in all of our womanhood. At twenty-somethin, I’m realizing that I should never be afraid to walk around the store with a box of pads in my hand. I should not second guess going on a trip because my cycle will be on. My cycles are apart of who I am and it makes me a woman. 

Let’s not let our menstrual cycles hold us back. May we talk about them, may we learn about them, and may we allow them to free us. 


A Twenty Somethin