The Beauty of Investing: Make your Money Work For You


The Beauty of Investing: Make your Money Work For You

By: Briana Elmore

As a Black Twenty Somethin, our financial situations can go through a lot of transitions. At this point we have gone from being broke college students to college students flexing with refund checks. Some have also been the broke post grads to the employed college graduate. Our money has been and continues to be something that comes and goes. How we manage our money is something that has to withstand the test of time. Now is the time for us to not only enjoy our lives to the fullest, but also set the right financial foundation for us to prosper in the future. The best way to set a solid foundation while stabilizing your finances is through active investment.

Investments are a good way to hone in on your boss status while solidifying your “Livin your Best life” narrative.  With the proper steps, investments can literally make your money work hard for you as you continue to progress to personal and professional fulfillment. There are a multitude of benefits that come from investments. The following benefits of investments can leave you wanting to make money moves like Cardi to secure your bag.

1.      Investments can be a source of residual income that you are making in addition to your income from your career.

2.      Investing can help you establish a healthy relationship with money management and your spending decisions. Your outlook on how to work with your money can change tremendously. The investor’s mindset will shift your thinking from instead of going on a shopping sprees or going to brunch every weekend to a owning a share of the companies that you support. You will start to think about how the money you are spending can grow into something more lucrative in the long run.

3.      Investments can also assist in establishing your sense of community in a way that revitalizes generations to come.

4.      Establishing a healthy investment portfolio as a Twenty Somethin’ gives you ample time to build your money. At this time in our lives, we are in a position where our investments will have the opportunity to grow and flourish in such a way that we will be able to generate wealth over time through compounding.



Jumping into the investment realm can present a lot of uncertainty that can prevent some Twenty Somethins from fully being sold on the investment spiel. If you are considering making investments with your money and are not sure how to organize your thoughts, please consider the following steps.

1.      Determine if you are in a financial position to start making investments.

This can be done by looking at your income and determining how much money you are able to invest while supporting your current lifestyle. It is commonly thought that in order to make investments, one must have an extremely large sum of money to invest. However, that sentiment is false. Depending on the type of investment you make, you can invest a small portion of money that can make money over time.

2.      Do your research on the different types of investments that you can make.

Given that there are plethoras of ways that we can invest our money, it is best to choose a method that is best for your budget, financial goals, and interests.

3.      Assess the amount of financial risk that you are willing to take with your investment.

Only invest an amount that you are willing to potentially lose. Cash equivalent investments (certificates of deposit and treasury bills) have the least associated risks and also yield the least amount of profit. Bonds and fixed income investments have moderate associated risks but give you the opportunity to make a decent profit over time. Stock is the most risky investment but it could potentially yield the highest return on investment. Likewise, making investments in real estate can pose a multitude of high risks but can provide the most consistent return on investment.

4.      Determine the amount of time that you are willing to wait until the investment starts to bear fruit. If you want a quick return on your investments, you may want to consider the type of investment that is made. When investing in stock, the market can change gradually or rapidly, thus impacting your investment. Patience is often a requirement when investing as you have to allow your investment the space to properly mature.

5.      Make your investment(s) into an avenue that you have confidence of a high return.

At its core, learning about and making investments can be the best way to live your best life. Investments are your way to make your money work smarter and not harder. Investments can make your life more fulfilling through providing financial literacy and returns.