Letter to a Twenty Somethin': Change Happens From the Inside Out

Change Happens From the Inside Out

By: Anna Robbins

Dear Twenty Somethin’ Self, 

Congratulations on the scholarship you got for college! You worked so hard in high school to get good grades, be involved in every club imaginable, win your track and field races, excel in your athletic abilities, as well as attend early college classes. Oh yea...can't forget about that one time you were nominated for Prom Queen too! 

Now you are graduated from college. You did excellent in all your classes! You dated a lot and even fell in love a time or two. Sorry for the heartbreaks. Don’t worry, we all experience them. If there is one thing you can learn from all of that it is that life goes on. You have had a lot of experiences. You have traveled and visited many countries, got jobs and lost them, bought new cars, wrecked them. Felt like you were at the top of the world financially and been in a financial struggle that you never imagined you would be in. You’ve managed to change the world around you completely once, twice, so many times! Yes, you’ve changed your world radically on the outside… But on the inside, you feel the same. 

Are you experiencing that “stuck in a rut” feeling? Is that “trying to find my purpose” phrase beating in your head? Are you questioning how you have done so much and still feel like you have lived so little? Girl those feelings come back over and over again. We, women, try to cover them up with a new outfit, buying a gym pass, going on an extreme weight loss diet, changing our hair, getting a new job, or going nuts on Tinder and swiping right to anyone and everyone just to get a date. Changing your outside world won’t change you though. That’s what we all forget. We spend our days trying to change the world, but forget about how much the world would change if we simply changed ourselves! 

You are trying to create your perfect life. You are making good changes, many that you may not even regret. You will still be unhappy and unsatisfied if you fail to realize that changing from the outside does not change you on the inside. It doesn’t matter where you go, the relationships you get into or whatever you do, the main thing that will remain constant in your life, the thing that goes with you-IS YOU! Despite what you choose to do with your outside world, if you choose to be the same person you were before, you will not feel like much has changed in your life. Nothing ever changes, unless you do. 

Remember, the real long lasting transformation does not happen overnight. Positive life change happens by making small yet CONSISTENT choices every day that will eventually lead to the big changes in your future. Take change step by step, day by day. Avoid constant thinking with your mind, and try to tap into your heart. The mind is trained to stay safe and comfortable. The heart has more energy and only worries about keeping you alive and moving! It doesn’t think about self-limiting beliefs. Accept the person you are but don’t be complacent. Don’t build your own roadblocks on your journey to transformation. 

People ask what’s more important: diet or exercise. Honestly, you can run all day but if you are not eating right, your body will suffer. What you do for your insides is important if you want to look and feel great on the outside! Keep this in mind when you start to feel like you aren’t enough: “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” 
― Rumi