Discovering Your Hustle Style


Discovering Your Hustle Style

By: Diahni Sample

When it comes to being your own boss and creating your own brand, being original is the key. To be original, you have to find your own style and you need to own your creativity. Everyone has their own style, even if they don’t know what it is yet. It is all about knowing yourself and finding out what makes you stand out. When you are finding your own style, it does not mean that you have to go searching for something extremely outside of the box and different from everyone else. There are so many entrepreneurs who have similar businesses, but they are all successful because of their uniqueness.

How do you find your uniqueness when you have no clue where to start? Here are a few steps that all aspiring entrepreneurs and reinventing entrepreneurs alike can take to find their uniqueness.

1.      Starting ideas: A good idea does not just happen overnight. However, when you have an idea that sparks into your head and you cannot let go of it, do not let that idea slip away from you. Usually, those great ideas are the ideal ideas to hold on to and make into a reality. When you have an idea, writing it down prevents it from slipping away.

2.      Think of creative names and titles: When discovering your hustle style, the brand and the name play an important role because they represent you and your style. One tip that can make your brand name unique is the use of your own name. You can be original with the use of your name because it is not  likely that others in your line of business will have your exact name.

3.      Create your style: Once you have completed steps one and two, you have the necessary keys to making your hustle style come to life. Your hustle can never be the same as someone else’s if you follow the above steps. Your hustle style will be unmatched because you have taken the time to create the ways that your hustle will be unique and successful. Creating your style is all about STRATEGY at the end of the day. You can be inspired by those around you, but it is important that you do not try to copy what they do to become just like them. You can take your inspiration from those around you and let it motivate you to become your own brand.

It is okay if it takes you some time to discover your hustle style. You can take as much time as you need until it is perfect for your vision. I have been an entrepreneur for 11 months, and I am still discovering my style every day. I am still looking for ways to upgrade my hustle and make it my own. I want to stand out and that does not happen overnight. I know that each day, I have to embrace the journey of finding my perfect hustle style.

I want all of the entrepreneurs out there to remember that fear should never hold you back from becoming great. God will never put us in a position to lose. It doesn't matter how many other bosses have the same career idea as you, God will make room for you to win!