Letter to a Twenty Somethin': Treat Your Body Right and Go to the Doctor


Dear Twenty Somethin'...Go to the Doctor

By: Derika Crowley

Dear “Twenty Somethin’”,

I know you have a million responsibilities and goals on your plate, but don’t neglect your health. Make it a priority now, so you don’t risk having complications in the future. It’s a lot easier to prevent than reverse when it comes to your body, your skin, and your health.

Here are a few tips for your mental and physical health you need to start implementing right now.

Look at Yourself in the Mirror

Look at yourself in the mirror and note the areas you want to change (and when I say change, I don’t mean for shallow reasons including outside validation from people).

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do you want to change to make you feel good about yourself?
  • How do you see yourself right now at this moment?
  • How are you thinking?

Ask these questions every day and write down your responses to see the progression and trends. Use affirmations as a tool to start reversing the negative stigmas you’ve placed on yourself throughout the years.

Constantly ask yourself, “How Am I Feeling Today?” (and be Honest)

If you aren’t totally okay, say you are not totally okay. Don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed that you don’t have yourself together right now.

There have been moments when I have started crying for no reason at all. In fact, I still have those moments. While it’s happening, a part of me feels a little crazy and have can’t help but think, “why am I crying right now,” but these moments are needed for me to know something isn’t right and I need to pray or talk to my therapist.

Your body has an amazing way of letting you know what it needs. Listen to it and embrace it. When you get those signals from your body, follow through on exploring it and learn what you have to do to address those triggers and feelings.

Make Your Health A Priority

Prioritize your health like you prioritize going to events, brunches, and trips. Self-care is about more than vacations, pedicures, and massages; it’s about literally taking care of yourself – meaning going to the doctor and constantly taking note of your health. All those other things are temporary and can only do so much. There will always be a party or panel discussion, but you only get one body in this lifetime, so take care of it.

You need to go the doctor and dentist every three to six months and get checked-out. Stop putting it off for whatever reason. If you don’t have insurance, get a plan you can afford. Can’t afford anything right now? Well, go to a free clinic. Stop making excuses to not see a medical professional.

In addition, don’t stop at only a doctor or dentist. You should see a gynecologist, dermatologist, and chiropractor too. Take care of your entire body and develop a healthy obsession with your health and well-being.

Take Your Vitamins

There are three main vitamin types that nutritionist suggests for women in their twenties:

Multi-vitamins: Multivitamins are recommended because in early adulthood the constant ripping and running can make it hard to get all the vitamins we need solely through eating the proper foods. A multivitamin helps get the recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals in a single dose.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Omega-3 fatty acids derived from fish oil can significantly improve heart health and thus reduce the risk of heart disease. Their anti-inflammatory properties also enhance cognitive performance, which is what you'll need during the day.

Plant Protein: Plant proteins aid in keeping your energy up. They’re a good option if you need an extra boost for your day.

Start the Work Now, so You Won’t Have to Later in Life

The importance of implementing these practices into your daily routine now, can’t be stressed enough. Again, it’s easier to prevent potential damage – especially when it comes to your self-esteem and self-identity – now than trying to figure out who you want to be later in life. Start doing the self-care work you need now, while you’re young.