Traveling While Twenty Somethin: South Africa Edition


Traveling While Twenty Somethin: South Africa Edition

By: Briana Elmore

There are so many wonderful things to do while in South Africa. The country is so beautiful and there are so many opportunities to be enlightened as well as entertained during your stay in South Africa. I was blessed with the opportunity to have exposure to a wide array of activities that have allowed me to have a trip that both provoked thought and gave me an adventure of the South African culture. 

If you are planning on or would like to travel to South Africa as a beautiful Twenty Somethin, I will share with you some of my top recommended destinations and locations that I greatly enjoyed during my journey to Johannesburg, South Africa. These destinations offered so much depth and enjoyment by representing my favorite activities in South Africa including learning about the culture while going outside of my comfort zone.

The below destinations are places that were included on guided tours provided through a company at the host hotel. Additional fees from your hotel pricing will apply.

My Top South African Tourist Destinations include:

1.      Robyn’s Island

Nelson Mandela and countless other political activists were held in prison for years. As political prisoners, they were considered the most threatening citizens in Africa during times of government oppression and treated very harshly. This is a place of great historical significance and it provides great connection to our past while giving focus for the future.

2.      Elephant Sanctuary

The Elephant Sanctuary was a place to both learn and have one on one contact with the elephants of South Africa. They offer elephant feeding, walking, riding and hands on lessons about anatomy of an elephant. Visitors are both enlightened and adventurous all in one stop.

3.      Lion Park

At the lion park you are able to see lions, cheetahs, giraffes, and many other wild animals in a safe, yet hands on environment. You are placed on a gated tour bus and allowed to drive through the different areas of the animals.

4.      Tour of Soweto

In Soweto, you are able to see and tour the home of Nelson Mandela prior to his imprisonment. You also have the opportunity to see different landmarks that were instrumental in the in the fight for civil and political freedom in South Africa. This small town has great cultural and historical significance that will leave you very culturally enriched.

5.      South African Constitutional Court and Museum

The South African Constitutional Court in Johannesburg included a museum tour that concluded with a tour of an actual constitutional court. The museum demonstrated the life of a prisoner during the times of great disenfranchisement of the South African people. We were able to see the differences in the ways that race and color played a part in the treatment of the prisoners. We also learned of the many ways that the current government and judicial system has improved and functions.

6.      South African Markets

Within the market places, you are able to get exposure to some of the local vendors of clothing, food, and other goods. You are able to get more authentic items directly from the vendors who make them.

All of these suggested places will provide you with the different experiences and opportunities to make a lasting connection with South Africa. The impact that each of these activities in South Africa has made on my life is invaluable. If you are a traveling Twenty Somethin and you find yourself in South Africa, please visit one of these places.