Four Podcasts for Career and Entrepreneurial Motivation


Four Podcasts for Career & Entrepreneurial Motivation

By: Monique Richardson


Searching for a profession change? Starting your own business? Need inspiration? Want lifestyle to be more productive? Tired of tuning in to the radio amid your commute? Podcasts can take care of every one of these issues presented in these questions. They’re the new version of audio entertainment while winding up more mainstream for platforms of influencers and content creators.

Podcasts are for storytelling, interviews, advice and motivation. We listen to them while commuting, cleaning around the house, or when we need insight and motivation. The best part about podcasts is that they’re free for listeners.

I’ve curated a rundown of four podcasts facilitated by African American women who are proceeding to give motivation and inspiration while gaining from their voyage as well as developing their brand.



1.Founder and CEO of CurlBox, Myleik Teele, created the #MYTaughtYou podcast to guide and motivate women by giving inspiring conversations on personal branding, business, careers, entrepreneurial advice, lifestyle, and empowerment.

Listen to: How to “Apply” Purpose &



2. After failing to start her business and manage debt while in college, Courtney Sanders, decided to create a platform to educate and mentor millennial women through their journeys. As part of her platform, the Think and Grow Chick podcast talks about personal development, career-life balance, and entrepreneurship. Courtney uses her own life experiences while managing her business and life as a new mother and wife to educate her audience.

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3. In the world of podcasts, each week, the FearlessKea podcast has a special guest join the host, Nakea Tyson. The FearlessKea podcast interviews people of various career paths to learn about their careers from the beginning to their current place in their profession. In this exploration of her guest’s stories, she interprets their biggest dreaded experience from their journey. Each podcast is purposed to move listeners to be authentic and fearless while on their own journey to happiness and abundance. Nakea Tyson is a New Yorker, marketer and podcaster who uses her platform to encourage others to discover their purpose while she also figures out how to accomplish the same goals in her life.

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4. Formerly known as The Black Girl Boss Podcast, the Blessed and Bossed Up podcast was created by, marketing consultant, Tatum Harrison. She talks about being an entrepreneur while telling listeners how to grow their businesses through faith and strategic planning. The Blessed and Bossed Up podcast encourages listeners to make God their CEO and change their mindset to manage lifestyle and entrepreneurship.

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In the world of social media and growing negativity, we need to feed positive inspiration into our daily routines in order to progress. Whether you are working a 9-5 or becoming an entrepreneur, positive affirmations and thoughts produce self-empowerment and the practice of positive thinking.

We all have goals to be the best person that we envision for ourselves. Podcasts are one of the numerous approaches to fuel your movement to those goals. Hearing these ladies will rouse your prosperity, motivation, and satisfaction in life.