Traits of a Hustler


Traits of a Hustler

By: Brianna Godbolt


It's that time of year again. That, not quite the beginning - not quite the end, time of year. It's the middle season. I like to call it "Hustle Season". It's that time of year where the clock is ticking and you have to hustle to meet your end-of-year goals. To be honest, most people don't reach their end-of-year goals. Somewhere in the middle of the year, people tend to lose their grit and grind mentality. Life strikes, they slow up on pursuing their goals, and end up quitting altogether; but not us at Twenty Somethin & Black. We strive to stay driven and we want you to do the same.

Here are a few traits that all Hustlers must obtain and maintain in order to succeed:


A good hustler must be original. This means you must stay in your lane! Always pursue the areas in which you are gifted. This doesn't mean you can't think outside of the box, it means you have to stay true to your unique vision. Yes, be inspired but don't be a copycat. Find out what your style is and let it blossom.


A good hustler must be creative. You have to be able to make something out of nothing. If you don't have money for a designer, make it a DIY project. If you have a small space, open up the windows and create the illusion of more space. Being creative means making it work even when you don't quite have all of the resources needed. People get tired of seeing the same ole thing. Don't be afraid to let the weirdo, in you, out.


A good hustler must be able to adapt. This ability has a lot to do with your character. When things aren't going as planned, it's not time to throw a fit and cry. It's time to pull out your planner to rearrange dates or get your list of volunteers to redistribute responsibilities. When it's hustle season, it's very important to keep a leveled head and be flexible. You may not always get a big turn out like you expect, but you can still work your magic with few. When adopting, you have to make even a poor situation work in your favor. Adaptability is all about perspective. If you keep a positive perspective you can adapt to any situation.


A good hustler has to be on time. What I mean is, a hustler has to know when it is a good time to do certain things. You don't want to promote a new line of sweatshirts in the middle of July. You have to know how to sell, promote, or project certain things at the right time of the year. One must be aware of what people are interested in at the moment. You also need to be observant and find out what's in high demand. When you are able to do that, you can almost be certain that your hustle will produce a harvest.


Though it sounds simple and even cliché, a good hustler has to have faith. You have to believe in what you are working towards. Faith means trusting the process and not giving up when you are in a tough spot. It means staying passionate and positive even when people talk negatively about you. You have to be your biggest fan. If you don't believe in your own vision, you can't expect people to want to jump on board with you. The attitude that you have towards your work is the attitude that most people will have towards it as well.

We are all in hustle season right now. However, if we can apply these traits to your life, success is inevitable.