Workation: Turning Your Business Trip Into A Paid Vacation


Workcation: Turning Your Business Trip Into A Paid Vacation

By: Nikia Bundage


The word of the day is “work-cation”. It is the art of turning your business trip into an all expenses paid vacation. Do I have your attention now? Good. If you’re like most working adults, eventually you’ll be tasked with going to a training or conference that’s being held in another city or state. Yes, you may be there for work but if your hustle is on point you’ll feel like you’re on a retreat.

We all love taking personal vacations. However, when schedules are tight and money is funny, business trips are the next best thing. Think about it, the bulk of where you spend your money (flight, hotel, & food) is already paid for and all you need to do is fill up your free time. They say if you work hard, you can play hard. I say when you take a workcation, you won’t have to choose. Remember, “it’s not where you been, but where you’re about to go!"

Here are a few things that hustlers do to make sure their “workcations” go smoothly:


1.      Take advantage of picking your own flights and hotel.

a.       The sooner your flight lands, the sooner you can hit the streets and start exploring. The same goes for your return flight. If you’re able to get a late flight, you’ll have more time to be a tourist or pick up last minute souvenirs.

b.      Book a hotel with the most complimentary accommodations such as breakfast, Wi-Fi, and airport shuttle. If you’re in luck, you may find a hotel that hosts social events in the evening offering free drinks and appetizers.


2.      GOOGLE!

a.       If you’ve never been to the location of your business trip, do a search to see what the must-dos are for your destination. Most hotel websites provide suggested activities and discounts. This could be your chance to go to a famous museum or see a performance that is on tour.


3.      Plan

a.       Most conferences and training sessions send out schedules beforehand. With a detailed agenda, you will know how much time you will, realistically, have to enjoy the city as well as all the activities you found during your search.


4.      Budget

a.      Yes, budget! Just because you aren’t spending your money on food doesn’t mean you don’t have to track your spending. Many employers have travel guides that specify how much you are allocated to spend on each specific meal to justify advances and reimbursements. Get that steak, girl! Just keep the receipts.


5.      Don’t Forget It’s Still A Business Trip

a.       This essentially means to conduct yourself in a professional manner. Depending on your field of work, there is a chance you may see the same attendees at another conference location or even back in the city of your job’s domicile.

b.      Moderate your drinks at the conference social hour so that you aren’t hung over the next morning. It’s okay to enjoy the moment but since you’re technically on the clock you don’t want to overdo it…especially when you’re representing a company other than yourself. 


6.      Enjoy your trip.

a.       Eat what the locals eat, sight-see, and network. All of your activities will all make lasting memories.