A Full Face of Fenty: An Honest Review of Fenty Beauty


A Full Face of Fenty: An Honest Review of Fenty Beauty

By Eve Auston

As we all should know by now, Miss Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty dropped the much anticipated Fenty Beauty concealers and powders on January 11, 2019. Let’s just say, my wallet was devastated and my heart was elated. I was finally able to pick up some of the newly released products, as well as some other Fenty Beauty products to try them out for myself. My Fenty foundation is a perfect match for my skin type (Dry/Combo). This line of products has become my go-to since it dropped. After I looked through my makeup collection, I found that I had enough Fenty products to wear a full face! So, here is my honest review of the products that I own right now!

The Foundation:

It goes without saying, the foundation is a product sent down from the heavens. It is the only foundation that I have ever been able to wear all day without breaking out terribly. I have pretty sensitive skin. The medium/build-able coverage is really great for going to work to going out without having to re-up. Plus, who doesn’t love a flawless finish? The Fenty foundation is definitely a good move if you are in the market for a new foundation.


So let me first start by saying that the concealer is definitely somethin’. A little bit goes a loooooong way. I found myself having to re-apply foundation because I got a little too concealer happy and needed to tone it down a tad for work. It is very build-able and lightweight. I appreciated the fact that it blended in really nicely with my foundation, having almost to the same consistency. More time will tell how I feel about it, compared to the Tarte Shape Tape that is my holy grail for concealers. I’m still willing to continue to use Fenty concealer to come to my consensus. It’s not my favorite just yet but it certainly wasn’t a bad experience overall.

The Eye-Shadow:

For my eye shadow, I used the Killawatte Foil Palette which was from her limited addition palette that can double as a highlighter as well. I really liked the consistency of the foils. I felt like the palette colors were really pigmented.However, I did feel like they wouldn’t really work as highlighters unless you were going to a specific event or out on the town as they are very bold colors.

The Eyeliner(Not Pictured):

I LOVE THIS EYELINER! I wear a winged eye look probably every time that I wear makeup. So to say that I am pretty picky with my eyeliners is an understatement. I love how the pen is triangular and the felt tip is  super precise. Also, this eyeliner IS NOT BUDGING. Despite spending a whole day doing tons of work and laughing, my liner did not budge one time. NOT ONE TIME.

The Powder:

I like this powder so far. I have the Banana shade of the powder and it works really well with my yellow undertones. It didn’t “wow” me like it has for other reviewers.However, I do think that with some time and different types of applications, it can be a really great addition to the family.

The Lipstick:

Okay, now the lips…the LIPS. I bought the Stunna Lip Paint in the Uncuffed shade and this lipstick is EVERYTHING. Only a little bit of transfer throughout the day. My lips looked so plump and healthy. I worry sometimes about my lips drying out from matte lipsticks, but they felt hydrated and soft all day while in the hands of Fenty Beauty.

Full Day Review:

A full day had gone by and my face was still completely intact with my makeup. While my foundation had gotten a little oily in my T-Zone, my eye makeup was still intact and so was my lipstick (after a full day of eating, talking, and drinking water). If it weren’t for the little bit of oiliness, which I could honestly just blot, my makeup would look like I had just applied it. I absolutely love it! I’m excited to try new looks with everything. I will DEFINITELY be doing another Fenty review soon!