How to Create Short Term Goals

How to Create Short Term Goals

By: Brianna Forde

At the beginning of every year, we design vision boards and resolutions of the goals we want to accomplish for the New Year. However, making those goals a reality can be difficult. Once we write down our goals it becomes overwhelming on where to start and how to create short term goals to lead to our bigger vision.

For example, you might have the goal to move to another state. But there are many small variables to take into account. That is where short term goals come in to play. Your short term goals help you become one step closer to your bigger goal. Once you have your goal, brainstorm ideas on what you might need to accomplish in order to make the goal a reality.

To move to another state,  you need to research if you can find a career in the state similar to one you have now, or if you want to start anew. You will also need to research apartment prices, and cost of living, which includes first and last months rent along with a deposit. Additionally, you will need to tie up any loose ends in your current situation. Thinking about the details and steps to come closer to your goal, helps you create your smaller goals.

Your smaller goals become tangible by writing goals for the next 3/6/12 months. In the next 3 months, the goal could be to research and apply to jobs and narrow down a list of potential apartments. The six month goal could be to secure a side hustle or second job to assist with any financial needs during the move. So that when the 12 month mark comes you can tie up any loose ends in achieving your goal.

Creating goals is the easy part, but challenging yourself to create attainable goals is when the real work begins.