Choosing Faith Over Fear


Choosing Faith Over Fear

By: Monique Richardson

For a majority of us, fear can stop is from making changes we desire and reaching our life goals. Whether it’s moving to another state or choosing to go the entrepreneurial route, fear can cause our potential to be diminished. So what can you do to overcome fear? One word, faith. 

Choosing faith over fear can help us overcome the anxiety we’ve developed when faced with our deepest desires or challenges. Although, choosing faith comes with more than letting and allowing God handle it. Here are a few things you’re going to do when choosing faith. 

Build A Foundation. 

Fear is a part of your foundation. It’s so strong it can make you believe your inner negative thoughts and bring self-judgement judgement. As they say, you are your biggest critic. 

It’s rooted deep inside and comes during your most vulnerable or unexpected moments in life. Therefore, it’s a learning process to exchange it with faith. One has to rid the things that hinder their path. People, lifestyle, circumstances, and negative energy can amplify the fear we feel. 

Just like a foundation, we have to occasionally rebuild our inner self and surroundings; maintaining a stable ground with faith comes with personal growth and understanding. We have to have faith in ourselves to build a foundation. Growing confidence, gratitude, and hope for abundance can start your building of a foundation. Remember faith is hope. 

Be Insane.

Your dream is not everyone else's. Faith can change your mindset to think bigger than the people around you. Once you build a foundation of faith, you began to grow. Your growth or need for better to others will seem impossible. It unreachable to them. Faith will have you take risks that will make your friends and family doubt you. They will think you’re insane. So be insane. 

The most successful people took a leap of faith to be where they are today. Such people can tell you they’ve heard voices of negativity throughout their journey from strangers to their closest friends. Usually, those voices represent those naysayers and how they feel about their own journey and potential. Never let others insert their self-doubts on you; it’s their fear and your faith will show you the light.     

Live with purpose.

When you are moving in faith, you are beyond direction; you are living in your purpose. Once fear is replaced with faith, your purpose is clearer. You realize you are in this world for more than just mediocre. After you build your foundation and starting working on the ideas and dreams you see, purpose follows. 

Purpose comes from your potential. Due to our demanding lifestyles and need for tangible items, we tend to lower the importance of discovering our potential. Faith make you uncomfortable to encourage you to discover your purpose. Fear keeps your comfortable and leaves your potential hindered and hard to listen for. 

 Choosing to walk in faith over fear requires believing  someone higher is controlling your life for abundance. Although, work is required on your part, faith and your desire to grow will also overcome any fear or challenge this world will bring to you.