Loving Yourself: A Self Care Day


Loving Yourself: A Self Care Day

By Edith Berko

This Valentine’s Day, why don’t you treat yourself? Invite yourself to have the ultimate self care date. This self-care date is for that student who has been working so hard and has forgotten to take the time to rest. It`s for the young adult who is tired of life and needs a break to enjoy the child inside of them. If somehow you fall under one of these categories, then read on and plan your self-care day.

Your day of self care is a time where you can simply checkout, have some alone time, recharge and show yourself lots of love. The truth of the matter is, from time to time, you need to checkout to be the best version of yourself when you check back in. We can take on so many of life’s stresses that the recharge button is seriously necessary. Days go by so quickly that we forget to love our mind, body, soul and spirit. Let’s get started!

An amazing self-care day starts with planning It is important to look at self- care planning by envisioning how you want the day to go in advance, the same way you plan a date in advance. When you look forward to it, you will enjoy it even more.  

Here are a few tips to get you started on your self-care day.

Tip #1 - Place your favorite candles around your room or home the day before your self-care festivities.

This allows you to simply get up and light them on your special day. This way there will be no working of any sort on that day, which is an important aspect of a self care day. You must relax.

Tip #2- Plan what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

When you have a plan of what you are interested in eating on this day of yours it takes the guessing and planning of a meal out of the way. Our aim is to get as close as possible to having room service.

Tip #3 - Have an unlimited supply of your favorite drink ready to go.

Don’t get too ahead of yourself, I am not speaking of an alcoholic drink. I am referring to your favorite smoothie, punch juice, chocolate milk or whatever else it may be. Prepare tons of it and have it ready to go. This drink is supposed to make you feel happy and relaxed inside.

Tip #4 - Clean your space.

De-clutter! Remove all the excess mess and enjoy a clean space. Our environment has an impact on our mood. For this reason, some people prefer to leave their home and go to a hotel for a day of relaxation.

Tip #5 - Before going to bed, make sure your phone is turned off.

Waking up disconnected is the best way to start a day that is centered around you. We have tendencies to constantly check in on the world before we take care of ourselves. On your day of self-care, it is all about putting you first!

The day can be made up of any combination of activities that make you feel at your best and most relaxed. Some activities that you can do for an ideal self-love can include one or more of the following:

  1. Sleeping in.

  2. An amazing breakfast.

  3. The lighting of candles to create a relaxed atmosphere

  4. Taking a bubble bath.

  5. Playing your favorite songs while sipping on your favorite drink.

  6. Going for a walk in a cute weather-appropriate outfit .

  7. Order lunch from your favorite spot.

  8. Take a nap.

  9. Get dressed and look your best. SLAY!

  10. Go out for dinner alone and have your favorite dish.

Mind you, a good self care day is different for everyone. The purpose of your day is to take time and love who you are in your entirety. It is to take the time to focus on you, recharge and be rejuvenated. Personally, what I have learned is to work this into my routine once every two weeks. You do not have to do a whole day of activities if your schedule does not permit that much time. You can incorporate a self-care activity into your day to give you a boost of self-love. Loving yourself is shown in your willingness to take the time to bask in the things you love from time to time. Don’t forget to do it wholeheartedly without distractions.