3 Things That Might Be Stopping You From Starting Your Natural Hair Journey This Year!


3 Things That Might Be Stopping You From Starting Your Natural Hair Journey This Year!

By Imani Foreman

I stopped perming my hair when I was about 16 years old and made the decision to start my natural hair journey. Loving my natural hair didn’t happen as soon as I did the big chop. It took blood, sweat and tears. Literally. My hair and I have an understanding now. I know her and she knows me! (Yea, my hair is a she.) I get a lot of compliments on my hair. Unfortunately, those compliments are sometimes followed up with “I don't know how you do it, I don't have time for that” or “That's too much work.” I don't want to hear that mentality expressed anymore, from black women especially. Bringing in the new year, I want to help change the conversation about natural hair! We’re doing so good with the natural hair movement but there are still some women who aren't comfortable or feel confident enough to wear their natural hair. I have some responses to some of those concerns so let’s get started!

  1. You have an image of what natural hair should look like, and it's not yours.

    Its okay, I fell victim to the idea that my hair “isn't nice” or that I don't have “good hair” because I didn't have those big loose curls (which are also beautiful). In media, natural hair is usually heavily represented by women with looser curl patterns, the “more acceptable curls.” This mentality leaves black women feeling like our hair isn't good enough because of society’s idea of beauty. If this is you, understand that the way your hair grows out of your head, is the way it's supposed to look. No one’s natural hair is prettier or more special than your own.

  2. You’ve never had to do your natural hair and doing it on your own is overwhelming.

    Believe me, I've been through this too. My mom first permed my hair at the tender age of 4. So, when I decided to go natural it was really intimidating. I couldn't just brush my hair in a pony anymore in 30 seconds and it's easy to see your natural hair as something you can just do away with. But before you go back to perms, remember the times we are currently living in. There are Black women everywhere who are embracing their natural hair. Finding out about your natural hair and how to do it is so easily accesible now. A Google search or a few keywords on Youtube can give you all the answers you need! There are Black women, like myself, who are passionate about helping other Black women love and accept their hair, so take advantage of it sis!

  3. Make A Change!

    If you've been rocking your hair and for some reason you're just not feeling it anymore, switch it up! There’s no harm in introducing a little bit of color, or getting a haircut. You'll feel like a new woman, I promise you! If you're not into making these permanent changes then try some protective styling. Possible choices include: braids, twists, wigs, head-wraps, and the list is endless. Don’t ever feel like the only alternative to wearing your natural hair is getting a perm!

Understand that you have free reign to do whatever you want with your hair. If you do choose to perm your hair, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! This article isn't to tear anyone down about whatever hairstyle choices they make but rather to enlighten you about healthy hair options. I want to uplift and empower Black women to be bold and confident in wearing their hair no matter how you choose to rock it! New Year, new you right!? Give natural hair a shot!