5 Things I Learned By Traveling Alone


5 Things I Learned By Traveling Alone

By Raygen Brown

A family vacation or girls trip is needed every once in a while, but would you ever dare to travel alone? As a woman who has flown, driven, and cruised solo many times, here are five (of many) things you’ll learn by traveling alone:

5. What You’re Afraid of

In preparing for a solo trip, a lot of red flags can come up within yourself. Can you afford to be away from work? Can you spend time alone without being bored? Do you even have what it takes to plan a whole trip? In planning for my first cross country road trip, I realized that most of my fears were actually my mother’s fears about my travels. Fear is necessary; it can save your life — but don’t let it keep you from living.

4. How You React in a Crisis

One of the most challenging things about traveling alone is holding your own when crises arise. If you’re driving alone, you may have to deal with a popped tire, running out of gas in the middle of nowhere. If flying, keeping your papers and passport in order, making sure your bags transfer planes with you, being at Gate 4 of the North side of the airport rather than on the South side. Things happen! Plan to have stories you can't plan for. It’s important to be prepared but also give yourself the room to have and overcome any mishaps along the way.

3. How to Keep Yourself Company

So you’re deep into the road trip, or nuzzled into the perfect airbnb, or on week two of the safari. What happens when you’re bored? One of the reasons I like traveling alone is that I’m forced to be with myself. I begin facing my own thoughts, fears, dreams, and goals. It can be scary sometimes, being alone. In a world so obsessed with noise and constant interaction with others, it is becoming increasingly necessary to step away and re-imagine yourself away from the worlds to which you are obliged to living within.

2. Who Your Truest Friends Are

I’ll never forget the moment when I was halfway into my cross-country road trip, blasting a mix of Cardi, Alessia Cara and Queen Bey when I all of a sudden became deeply saddened that I was alone. I began thinking of who I would want to share these moments with rather than traveling alone. Don’t get me wrong, I can have an incredible time alone, but it’s often in those moments I wish - and remember - who matters to me the most. Who’s the first person you’d call after something hilarious happened? Who even knows you’re on a trip? Taking a trip alone will remind you of who you consider yourself the closest to in your life relationships. Absence, truly, makes the heart grow fonder.

1. How Adventurous You Are

Do you know how silly you can be? When’s the last time you befriended a stranger? There are numerous ways to meet new people or have different life experiences. Write in a local coffee shop. Go on a bike tour of the city you are experiencing. Ride a camel. You can even go hang-gliding! When’s the last time you pushed yourself beyond your comfort zone simply for the sake of becoming the best version of yourself? Traveling alone will push you to explore and discover your fun side!

There are so many things you’ll learn from traveling alone. I hope you’ll be so bold as to learn them for yourself. In living our most joy-filled, adventurous lives, I hope this becomes true of you:

And in the deepest part of me, the rumor of adventure started a fire.”