The Pintrest List


The Pinterest List

By Nikia Bundage

How did I find myself 623 ft in the air, zip-lining through the forest of Puerto Rico? A Pinterest list. One day I was online looking for ways to make myself interesting (to myself) and I stumbled across a list of things I felt were easy to accomplish.

I was going through a period of boredom in my life. I had, recently, decided to make some life changes in the areas of relationships and self. All my friends lived far away, and I knew that if I dated someone just for company I would have eventually ended up unhappy. See, I also decided that I wouldn’t spend time with a man that I didn’t want to entertain in a relationship. Why? That way, neither of us would lead me on just because I was comfortable with a situation that was created by our being together. You’ll catch why that point makes sense later.

As for the list, I decided that this list would be my own version of  an “Eat, Pray, Love” experience. I printed it out and began my journey to self exploration. I was excited! I found some things on the list that I could do right away. On my first day off from work, I headed to the craft store, bought the needed supplies, and made myself a few bars of soap! That was one of the easily achievable goals that made up my list. Some of the other items took a little more planning than just a random trip to the store. For example, items such as “Go On A Cruise” required me to map out my execution a little more carefully. Lucky for me, I already had a cruise experience planned.


Before the cruise, I found things on the list that I could do while aboard the ship. Trust me, when you’re on a boat for seven days you want to make the most of your time. My favorite item happened to be first on the list, “Watch the Sunrise and Sunset in one day. Why’d I wait until my cruise, you ask? Well, unless I had a bomb view from where I lived or got home before sunset, catching this view on my cruise was the better option. So, I got up early and watched the sun rise and later watched it set… from the Cayman Islands.

Not only did the list give me things to do, but it gave me the motivation to live my best life. Ya girl hiked a glacier in Alaska! It also contained other simple things like writing a letter to my future self. It sounds easier than what it actually was to accomplish. The best part of the list was that it pushed my potential and my comfort zones in various areas.

One of my bigger list items was to “Create A Passive Income”. That means creating a stream of income for which you don’t have to work/labor excessively. Examples of passive income include: investing in stocks, rental property, or the path I chose…writing a book. Years ago, I said I would publish my poetry, but I was afraid to actually do it. I was afraid to take a chance on myself. Crazy, right? Yet, here it was on the list and I had been doing everything else. So, why not do this? I did some research, pulled out my best work, and published “From Mind to Paper: Poems You Can Relate To” on Amazon! I was and still am proud of myself for this accomplishment. Actually, I’m glad I did it because long after I’m gone, my work of art will still be here to be enjoyed for generations.

Concluding, if you ever feel like I did, find a list on Pinterest or make your own to challenge yourself to grow. The components of that list have the ability to change the trajectory of your life forever! Once you have your list, GET STARTED because tomorrow is not promised and you need to make the most out of today.