Ways to Make Sure You Aren’t Letting Work Take Over Your Life


Ways to Make Sure You Aren’t Letting Work Take Over Your Life

By Timoshane Wellmaker

Whether you are working at a nine to five or setting your own hours, it’s important to make sure that the job that you are working isn’t cutting into the, much needed, TLC you desire and deserve. It is time to evaluate how much time you’ve been giving yourself in comparison to the work you do in your day to day life. There is so much importance in taking consideration of your self-care needs to become a well-balanced person.

Now, let’s talk about a few ways to make sure your job, and all that comes with it, is putting as much hard work into you as are you are putting into it. After all, the saying goes- you can’t give from an empty cup.

1. Say no.

This idea has been introduced at various times in our lives and it’s time to listen! When it comes to making sure work isn’t getting in the way of the attention you owe yourself, it is necessary that you get comfortable with boldly allowing the word “no” to come out of your mouth. Don’t be a “yes man” for anyone and that includes your boss and coworkers. Becoming a “yes man,” in this sense, means that you are constantly putting the needs of others before your own in order to become well-received by others. Even if you are looking to get a raise or promotion, it’s important to know how to say no to things that are simply too much on your plate.

2. Less explanations.

Sometimes, bosses and higher ups will press you for more information. Far too many times, workers feel the need to give explanations that drain them of their own energy. Sometimes a simple answer is all that is needed. For example, the next time you request time off from work, request a personal day and leave it at that. Perhaps, the next time you have an event for work that you won’t be able to make, due to a prior commitment, you have to find a way to respectfully remind them that there’s a line between your job and personal life.

3. Ask for help.

You got hired for a reason. They need you! You bring something valuable to the table with your skill set, values, and character. Unless your job title literally says “Superwoman who works alone 100% of the time”, then you should never question if you should ask for help when you feel that it’s needed.

4. Have cut-offs.

Carve blocks, days, and moments into your schedule where your work is not a thing. A cut-off time that you no longer speak, think, or do anything work related. Don’t bring your work home unless it’s an emergency. Take some time to take care of yourself. Instead of working after hours, go see a movie or run yourself a bubble bath. Do something that will pour positive energy into your life. After all, self-loving is vital work that should be done first.

5. There will always be more.

Think of your tasks this way, even if you were to get ahead, do everything expected of you for an entire week in one day, they’d only give you more work to complete. So chill out a bit, take a deep breath and do not let your job stress you out. If at any point you notice your work-related stresses spilling over into other areas of your life, you know you need to change something. You cannot let your job work you to death because, the thing is, once you go they’ll wish your family the best and get somebody else to do your job. Put simply: don’t slack, but don’t stress.

6. Co-workers are just your co-workers.

You may come across a few gems, but all of them do not deserve to know your personal business no matter how many lunches you guys have shared together. It is good to have a healthy working relationship with your co-workers to get the tasks of the job completed successfully. However, it is in your best interest to keep your work and personal lives separate. This separation helps to define your boundaries between work and life outside of work.

Above all, just remember your priority list. Guess what? The number one priority on that list is, and should always be, you. Do not be afraid to set your boundaries in life, especially in the workplace.