Coins Can’t Buy Confidence: Don’t Let Your Finances Define You


Coins Can’t Buy Confidence: Don’t let your finances define you

By Briana Elmore

Often times, we find ourselves in a financial space that we feel is not good enough or does not match up with our personal monetary expectations. We can sometimes get so caught up in our budgets and where we want to be financially, we neglect to have the appreciation for the finances that we do have. I say this with the understanding that we have financial responsibilities that can get us to the point that we become stressed out or frustrated with our incomes. Adulting is hard! Being financially independent is a huge responsibility that we are thrown into as Twenty Somethins. Now is the time that we are experiencing the requirement to have our income disbursed in multiple directions with little to no help from others and it is a tough pill to swallow. However, I implore you to look at your finances in a new light that will broaden your horizon for prosperity.

Finances can be a tough area to have growth in as a Black Twenty Somethin. There are some cases of never having the ideal tools and examples to learn the practices of healthy financial management or growth principles. As Twenty Somethins who are trying to learn as we grow into ourselves, it can be hectic times of trial and error in finding our financial stride. We are expected to have a responsible handle on our finances before we even truly know who we are or what we want to do with our lives to feed our purpose.

Figuring out the way to operate that best fits you financially can be very overwhelming.  We live in a world that encourages the constant comparison of ourselves to others via social media, television, music and any other mode of social consumption. When dealing with your finances, it is easy to feel that your self- worth is linked to your net worth as a Twenty Somethin. However, your finances do not determine your identity, nor should it be given the ability to be a measure of your worth or confidence.

Here are 3 ways that you can free yourself from being defined by your finances: 

1.       Have an attitude of gratitude with the finances that you currently have.

It is important to be grateful for the finances that you currently have to manage your expenses presently. Having a change of perspective, in this sense, can change the way that you feel about your money. This change in perspective can also give your outlook on the impact of money a renewal.  It is important for us to have good stewardship over the little so that God can trust us with the more as we grow in His blessings. An attitude of gratitude does not signify that you do not want or welcome financial growth; but rather, that you are exercising patience and willingness to build your earnings.

2.       Find other affirmations of your depth as a person.

You can find your self-worth in so many ways outside of money. We are multifaceted beings who cannot be defined by money alone. It is important to discover and mature different paths to your confidence. Some places to start to find yourself could be through your faith, prayer, professional passions, and nurturing your relationships etc.

3.       Trust your own process.

We often get so used to seeing people “doin it for the gram” and showing off their monetary gains, that we use their success as a measurement of our own. We compare our financial positioning with others by our ability to afford the newest and best material items. That approach to valuation can be detrimental to our growth into who we are becoming because it is based on a superficial display of wealth. It is much more gratifying to blaze your own path to success and get your money at your own pace.  

It is vitally important to build your financial foundation on solid ground. You must stay in motion towards your own wholeness of self as you build your finances.  Your money has the ability to buy a lot of things but it cannot buy you happiness within yourself.