Work Hard, Love Yourself Harder: Having Confidence in the Workplace


Work Hard, Love Yourself Harder: Having Confidence in the Workplace

By Briana Elmore

To be a thriving woman in any professional industry, you have to have a certain level of confidence in yourself and your abilities to be successful. The confidence that you have in your work proves to be invaluable when you are navigating yourself through your career. Knowing who you are and your worth translates to the overall fulfillment you have in your profession. Deeper levels of introspection will allow you to see your attributes at a high level. The visualization of yourself achieving your aspirations can serve as a highly motivating factor to fixate on as you turn your dreams into a reality.

Perception of Yourself

Your perception of you as a person and a professional plays a major role in your fulfillment with your work.  It is important to look at your job or your hustle as an extension of you; but, not as the determining factor for which you are to be defined.  Upon reading that sentence, it can seem like an oxymoron. It is important not to tie your identity to what you do for a living. However, your profession should be gratifying to the point where the love you have for yourself shines through the fruits of your labor. You should do something that makes you feel like you are living in your purpose while acquiring financial stability. If you are working at a job that does not particularly speak to your passions, it is important to find an outlet to develop your talents and give you the creative fulfillment that you deserve to have in your life.  

Confidence In Your Abilities

Confidence in yourself and your abilities will also assist you in asserting yourself in your career. This understanding of your value will contribute to you negotiating the wages that you receive for the work you produce. As you step into a space where you are confidently operating, you will open yourself to more opportunities to name your price for your professional contributions.  Once providing higher quality work at a heightened sense of self, you can negotiate raises and job positions.

Knowing Your Worth in the Workplace

Self-love can assist you in knowing when it may be time to walk away from an opportunity that does not positively contribute to your life. Like in many situations, having self-confidence and a strong sense of self can help you in knowing when it may be time to transition into a new role that better suits your financial and professional aspirations alike. Having that intuitive “knowing” when it is time to move on from a job can open you up for greater opportunities. Likewise, when you are making a career transition, be it to a job in your current field or a new career path altogether, self-love can give you the needed push to take leaps of faith and apply to that job that “seems out of reach” and have a strong sense of the salary that you are seeking to acquire.

Your confidence in yourself should feed your overall drive in your professionalism. Having love for yourself contributes to the level of pride that you put into the work that you produce regardless of where you are working. The effort that you put into the work that you are doing will be the representation that you have of yourself in the workplace. There is an endless amount of joy and satisfaction that you can gain from having a love of yourself that transcends your profession.