Author Turned Singer-Songwriter to Release her First Music Project: Feature Interview with Kia Marie


Author turned singer-songwriter to release her first music project, while managing self-care: Feature Interview with Kia Marie

By Tori Glaude

“She can get through anything because she is everything.”

-Kia Marie, author, entrepreneur, artist

Kia Marie is a multi award-winning songwriter, recording artist, poet and author committed to inspiring others through poetic storytelling. Through her work, Kia shows how you can bridge the gap between the dreams that we all have and the self-doubt we must overcome to achieve those dreams. She gives her listeners, readers and viewers the necessary clarity, peace of mind and motivation to progress towards their own aspirations in life. Check out the visuals for her singles, “Fog” and “She.”

TSB: Who is Kia Marie?

KM: Well, my first website was the name of my book. Once I started singing, I realized that Kia Marie has to be the name of the brand. It was important for me to have a brand name with feminine energy that matches who I am, my dreams, and my aspirations. With my brand, I want people to see and experience what I'm doing; which is making compelling stories that help bring positivity into people’s lives.

TSB: Who was your motivation for writing your poetry book?

KM: My dad, who passed away while I was in college. The summer before my senior year, I wrote out poems on my phone. It was just me trying to express myself. Then I looked back on them and thought, "I could make something with this." I worked on it every night for 6 months. I had written 44 poems in a week. I can't explain it to this day, but it felt like my dad was with me at that moment; it felt like I had help. I graduated in May 2015 and by April 2016 my book was published.

TSB: Tell us more about your nail channel on YouTube, Hairitage93.

KM: It started off as a natural hair channel and people started commenting on my nails. One day, by request, I did a video on how women can grow their nails out and the video took off, with 234,000 views to date. After that, I did nail art and care which my nail tribe LOVES. I call my supporters my nail tribe, who have been ruthless and very supportive of my work. With every video, I try to bring nail creativity and help people with self-care tips. Here’s a video of me showing a nail and hand-care routine.


TSB: How does it feel to not have to work a 9-5?

KM: It feels liberating! As long as I know creatively what I want to accomplish, I don't worry about the coins. Staying in the flow and on top of creative desires is what fuels me. Throughout creating my own work schedule, I learned the importance of not letting go of the things I want to accomplish and staying in line with my creative spirit.

TSB: You just released the Fog and She Narrative. How does it feel?

KM: At first, people knew me as “Kia, who wrote this book,” but nobody knew that I could sing. I spent so much time trying to figure out who I was as a person. When I went for it and stepped out on faith, the answer presented itself. I stepped into something that felt very familiar. This is who I always imagined myself to be. It's amazing what happens when you focus on who you want to be. This is Kia in a nutshell (bringing both sides of the music and the poetry together) and I am excited to share the story and my growth.

TSB: So you sing, run a YouTube channel, and promote your poetry book. How do you balance your different businesses and schedule?

KM: It’s so easy to feel burnt out or overwhelmed. I practice all aspects of self-care, which includes meditation, clearing your head and sometimes doing nothing. I love having small wins done by the end of the day.

TSB: What is something you would’ve told yourself 10 years ago?

KM: 10 years ago, I was 15 and nobody knew I could sing. I was playing basketball back then. I would’ve told myself to keep writing in my diary because there are moments that I should’ve written down to serve as reminders, to find comfort in and to see how far I've come. I would’ve loved to have wrote out how I felt whenever I was creating something, such as painting.

TSB: What are the three words you would use to describe what it takes to run a successful business?

KM: Persistence, Focus, and Willingness to Learn. We don't invest a lot of time in learning how to improve ourselves, but it’s important that you read and invest in your purpose.

You can connect with her on Instagram, YouTube, and her site. You can also check out her debut EP here, titled She.