How to Stay Focused on Health Goals that Aren't Yet Manifesting


How to Stay Focused on Health Goals that Aren't Yet Manifesting

By Tori Glaude

 As women, we love looking as good on the outside as we feel on the inside. Having a strong health journey is a sign that you want to give your body the love it deserves. It can be discouraging when you’re eating right and exercising well but have yet to reach your fitness goals. Although there are various reasons why we can start a health journey without seeing the results; here are some ways to keep the motivation towards reaching your fitness goals:

1. Don't worry so much about the end result, take a second to love the journey.

Loving the journey could mean: celebrating the small wins, finding an accountability partner, learning how to cook a new healthy meal, or finding a nearby gym etc. The small parts of the journey add value to the end result of your goal. We make lots of decisions each day –take a second and show gratitude for how far you’ve come in the past week, month and year.

2. Try switching up routines.

From my experience, it was difficult to achieve the results I wanted with the same exact routine and meal plan. It’s like, once your body gets used to doing a routine, it hits a plateau. You can try simple changes first to see what works best for you. Some changes that you could make include changes in cardio (short, brisk walks) one day and then strength training (lifting small weights or doing squats) another day. There are many ways to adjust your workouts that can take your fitness to new levels. If money is a limiting factor for buying the kind of foods you want to eat, you can google low-cost healthy meals or use free resources like to figure out the right nutrition portions for food intake. 

3. Talk to yourself more positively.

One of the self-care things I started doing was writing “I am beautiful,” “My body is amazing,” and “I feel great” on sticky notes and put them on my mirror. It was important for me to remember that even if my body isn’t at where I prefer for it to be at in a particular moment, I still appreciate it and love myself. Practicing positive affirmations is the fastest way to let your mind and body feel the love that it so rightfully deserves! If you need additional help with daily motivation, you can check out TwentySomethin’&Black’s 21 Days of Prayer Workbook.

4. Simple could be better.

Write out a grocery list before going into the store so you will be less tempted to buy unhealthy foods. Going into the store makes it easier to resist impulse spending resulting in spending way more than what you budgeted for food. In terms of making your fitness plans simpler, think about how you can incorporate cooking meals that take a shorter time, doing small exercises, food journaling, etc. Don’t be too hard on yourself!

5. Create a visionboard of how you want to look and feel.

One of the most empowering things I’ve done was throw a visionboard party for a group of 15 people. We cut out pictures in magazines and put them on a large poster. Visually seeing your goals and how you want to look is a great way to manifest your goals. It helps you become aligned with how you envision yourself from your mind to paper, where you can see it every day. The act of writing down your goals makes them real!

Hopefully these tips can help you stay on track during days where it’s hard to maintain focus on the finish line. Even if you don’t see the results yet, keep the faith that you will achieve all of your fitness goals! Just remember to love yourself the way you already are.