Two Black-Owned Workout Apparel Brands that You Should Know

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Two Black-Owned Workout Apparel Brands that You Should Know

By Derika Crowley

When it comes to working out, I’m a proud member of the “early morning crew” (i.e. those individuals who go to the gym between the hours of 4am – 8am). I love going to gym in the morning because the traffic is significantly lower; meaning, I can wear my bonnet/head scarf/ twist-out with no shame. I wish I could be one of those women who didn’t care either way; but, sigh, I do.

I’ve recently started going to workout later in the evening for yoga and additional cardio. Lately, I’ve been trying to put a little more thought into my workout clothing to feel more confident and put together. This new need, inspired me to search for black-owned workout clothing that’s affordable, empowering and (of course) super flattering.

For the past month, I’ve hunted the internet and Instagram for Black-owned fitness brands and discovered Philadelphia Printworks and Glamourina – both black-owned and dope in their own right.

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DC-based designers and working mothers Kia Renee and Nekol Choo are the forces behind the Glamourina athleisure brand. Their pieces are colorful, cute, and come in a wide range of sizes for the diverse bodies of active women. They also have a kente athleisure line that will have you walking in the gym feeling like you’ve came straight from Wakanda.

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Their line of atheletic wear will give you the opportunity to be comfortable, fuctional and cuturally rooted. Glamourina’s apparel is the perfect gift to yourself to keep you motivated and excited about including health and fitness into your lifestyle. You will certainly be able to look great as you work on your fitness with their products. Glamourina is a line that you can wear when you want to put your best foot forward not only in fitness but in your gym apparel. Their products are made with the Twenty Somethin & Black demographic in mind.


Philadelphia Printworks’ “Embodied” Collection

Contrary to popular belief, the number of black yogis out there is quite large. Now, more than ever, people of color are participating in a variety of yoga styles like hot yoga, Bikram, Ashtanga and more. Therefore, an workout apparel line with Black people doing yoga is not only perfect timing, but also pure genius.


The “Embodied” collection from Philadelphia Printworks and designer Jean-Jacques Gabriel, not only features people of color but they are in all sorts of poses. Some of the pieces also include the words of writer and feminist Audre Lorde. That includes one racerback tank that reads, “Caring for myself is not self-indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival.” 


Personally, I love the crop top and leggings because they are made of extra stretchy material so that you can comfortably do your poses. In all honesty, I’ve been wearing them way beyond my yoga class and have gotten tons of compliments.  If you are in the market, no need to look any further for the perfect yoga wear.

Although only two companies are mentioned, there are a handful of black-owned companies out there that would love to have your support. Before you purchase a mainstream, dig a little deeper to see if you can find a company made “for us, by us”.