How to Start Your Fitness Journey: Beginner Level


How to Start Your Fitness Journey: Beginner Level

By Edith Berko

There is a point that everyone reaches in their lives where you realize you need to get up and start your fitness journey. Yes, you are working on your walk with God, your relationship with your partner, and your development of proper eating habits. All of those things work together as you are learning as much as you can in life to become a better person.

The fitness journey aspect of your growth can get difficult and even a little scary to begin. However, with a few tips and guidelines, in a matter of no time you will be able to start your own personal fitness journey by taking it one step at a time. When starting a fitness journey, we freeze because of getting either too much or not enough information on the ways that we can pursue better health. This causes us to not know exactly where to start.  In this article, I will give a couple of encouraging tips to get you started.  

1. Forget all Rules and Goals

You don’t have to get a gym membership. You don’t need a coach. That is the truth of the matter. You are not aiming to reach a certain weight or size. All you want to honestly do is get started and get going.  So, forget all the rules of working out and getting fit. We are aiming to succeed in transforming our life one step at a time.

2. Start Small

When starting your fitness journey, you will be tempted to pay for a membership. We think that the fact we have paid for one will push us to stay committed. I hate to break the news to you; but, that doesn’t really work for everyone. That’s a step you take once your journey is established and incorporated into your lifestyle. So, I say, start small. Whether it be jumping jacks, spider planks, squats or another exercise, you should try working out at home.  Do 5 sets of 5 exercises each day. Add a power walk to your daily routine. Break a sweat by dancing to your favorite dance tunes. Get right into your favorite moves. All those activities are a part of starting small. It doesn’t mean you are doing little things or you are not succeeding. The secret is that some exercise is better than no exercise. It doesn’t have to be 2 hours but can be 30 mins. So, get moving.

3. Build a Habit

Set a time to exercise and keep to it. The body craves what you give it.  Treat it the same way you shower and brush your teeth daily. Your day should feel incomplete without it. When you feel that you are failing at turning your fitness journey into a routine, don’t stop or don’t get discouraged. Keep on going!

4. Have Fun

What you enjoy doing most sticks around longer. Have fun while starting this journey. Make sure your outfit is on point. Get proper gear and outfits that lift your spirits up. There are many girlfriends of mine who threw in their towels because they weren’t having fun. It was even harder for them to start up again after they had given up. They were dreading the pain and the hardship. They most likely came to a stop in their journeys because they had restrictive rules, too many goals, worked out too intensely at the beginning and did not have a routine. They did not enjoy their process.

The truth of the matter is to just start.  It will be uncomfortable at first. However, start small and just keep going.  Be patient with your body.  After several tries, if you really don’t like something then change it up. Make a change for the better and learn to make exercising part of your everyday routine. Trust the process. If you stay committed, you will have basically started your journey. From there on you can grow into the next level of your fitness journey.