7 Goal Setting Health Tips to Success

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7 Goal Setting Health Tips to Success

By: KeyVonna Taylor

We are a little over three months from the start of the year and you may find some of the goals you started on January 1st have fallen by the wayside. Why is that? 

Sometimes we can get so caught up in making goals for the New Year because others are making them or what the start of a new year signifies that we can create goals on the fly without giving them much thought.

Here are 7 helpful tips to developing and achieving your health and fitness goals: 

1.    Set realistic targets

A goal is also known as a target. Goals give us something to work towards without our goal seeing so far out of reach and help us hold ourselves accountable. 

2.    Create a weekly schedule

Let’s say your goal is to lose 10 pounds, but you are working out for the sake of working out without a plan, you are more likely to not hit the gym as often in weeks to come because “workout time” is not consistently built into your schedule. Start off with picking 2-3 days out of the week that you want to workout throughout the week and keep them coherent as you can for the following few weeks. Write them down on your calendar or planner as a reminder. You may find that you once you hit week 4, you are in such of a routine that going to the gym is second nature.

 3.     Figure out what motivates you

What motivates or drives you? It’s important to have an answer to this question. If you don’t, you may start to veer left and distracted from what it is at you want to accomplish. When the going gets tough and it starts to feel as if your goal is SO far fetched, it’s important to have that reason as to why you want to achieve your goal in the first place. Is it for your health? Are you doing it for your family? Do you want to encourage others? Whatever your answer is, let that drive you! 

4.    Make Sure Your Goal Fits YOU

It can be easy to do something because others are, but ask yourself, “Is the way I am going about achieving this goal best for me?” What works for someone else may not work for you. Your friend who has been physically active for much of her life may have two cheat days (particular times out of the week when you eat food that is more pleasing to your taste), but for your goals it may be better to start off with one so you are in taking more vitamins and nutrients, and building your self-discipline muscle. 

5.    Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Your comfort zone my not get you the results you need or want. Being comfortable is a safe place to be. Take risks not only in relation to your health and fitness goals, but when it comes to your career, family, faith, etc. Try a new workout that you have been wanting to try, but are afraid to or share what God helped you overcome with that friend or coworker who may be going through a similar situation. You never know how your words can help. 

6.    Meal-prep

Pick a day out of your week to go grocery shopping. Make 2 or 3 healthy meals so you are less likely to stop at the fast food restaurant around the corner from work everyday on your lunch break or waste money when a goal of yours is to save.

7.    Applaud your progress

Celebrate your improvement. When you notice yourself making progress or gains, reward yourself! Give yourself something to look forward to each week so you don’t find yourself in a habitual cycle or feeling as if you are making little to no progress.