Go the Extra Mile Sis! Study Proactively


Go the Extra Mile Sis! Study Proactively

By: Sahmia Parks

Are you a proactive person or a reactive person? Personally speaking, As an artist, I have struggled with being proactive with projects, sometimes having to wing it versus giving the project 100 percent of my effort and energy. Being a proactive person meaning being 100 percent prepared, taking control of your time, as well as executing with little to no error. When I was in school my father would always ask me if I did everything I could possibly do to get an A. My answer would vary from time to time but it was mostly no.

The question itself didn’t make much sense until my college days. Working 2 jobs and balancing school and studying became a hassle. I lost hours of sleep, struggled with class work and even got poor grades. I heard my dads question in my head every time I looked at my grades. A conversation with my professor about how to build healthy studying habits shifted the way I viewed studying.

I have found that if I do not keep a calendar of upcoming events and project, I will fall behind. That means executing plans ahead of due dates versus procrastinating until the day or night of. Being proactive is being assertive and working ahead of time.  Proactivity is simply being prepared, being solution-oriented, and being accountable. Surround yourself with people who are driven and that are highly motivated. Set realistic and attainable goals, goals that you can achieve daily and weekly. When you need help with something, be honest and ask for help.

Ultimately, success is not about getting everything right. It is about being consistent. Are you consistently and persistently taking steps every day to steadily move toward your goal? Do you stop making progress or do you continue on when you encounter a seemingly insurmountable problem? Be consistent in what you do. And even though the steps may seem small at the time, doing the right things day in and day out will move you further down the path to success

Being proactive in who you are developing into will trickle down into the ways in which you study. So at the end of every day, when you can ask yourself if you did everything you possibly could to get an A. Your answer will be Yes.