Key List of (Actual) Items You Need in Your Closet


Key List of (Actual) Items You Need in Your Closet

By Derika Crowley

No one can blame you for getting caught up in feeling like you need to have a lot of “stuff” as a woman/millennial/millennial woman (had to cover all the bases) – especially when it comes to your clothing. Society and social media will tell you that it is essential to have the proper clothing and accessories to go out on the town, go to work, go on vacation, and to the gym, etc. The crazy thing about it is, we don’t truly need all this “stuff.” We can make what we have work for every situation, if we truly wanted to and had the proper tools.

Since the start of the year, I’ve been striving to downsize the stuff in my life by clearing out my closet and drawers (in addition to watching “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” on Netflix). In my journey to discover “self-joy” – a phrase coined by Ms. Kondo, herself – I’ve been curious about the main staples, from shoes to undies, that are needed for a capsule wardrobe.

After intense browsing, we’ve narrowed the essentials down to a list of 50 items that every woman should own within her wardrobe to be fabulous from head-to-toe.

Take a look and follow our foolproof guide. No matter the occasion, you'll always be set! Keep scrolling to see our Twenty Somethin & Black absolute wardrobe must haves.

  1. “Dad Hat”:  Sometimes you just need to throw something on to run a few errands. A dad hat will make any look stylish. BUY HERE:

  2. Sunglasses the Go with Everything: Outside of the obvious reason of preventing eye damage, similar to a dad hat, sunglasses will pull most looks together while giving a surprising edge. BUY HERE:

  3. Diamond Studs: Diamond studs are needed for every occasion. BUY HERE:

  4. A Classic Timepiece: A timepiece can last forever and turn any look into a classic. BUY HERE:

  5. Signature Scent: Fragrance is such an important part of your image. Similar to having a signature style, your signature scent becomes your trademark. BUY HERE:

  6. Leather Belt: I know, I know…belts can be a pain, but belts can also boost any average look to make it look more cohesive and put together. BUY HERE:

  7. Simple Necklace: Own a simple necklace that you can wear every day. If you don’t have one already, shop some black owned brands like the ones we shared in the our post “Black Owned Minimalistic Jewelry Brands You Should Know”.

  8. A Delicate Ring: Something pretty that makes you smile every time you look at it. A ring can elevate your look with a touch of class. BUY HERE:

  9. Matching Socks: You’re an adult now sweetie. You need at least one pair of socks that match. There are many different types of sock designs and patterns that you can use to express yourself. BUY HERE:

  10. Tights: Tights are an essential layering piece. BUY HERE:

  11. Underwear - Boy shorts: Boy shorts are a feminine version of men’s boxers. Wear these with skirts, trousers, or just about anything that can be replaced as an everyday essential if you are comfortable. BUY HERE:

  12. Underwear – Thongs: Panty-lines aren’t cute, so need one or two thongs in your drawer. BUY HERE:

  13. Underwear – Seamless Undies: If you are absolutely against thongs, Seamless panties are an alternative. They do not have a thick border and come in really soft fabrics like satin, silk, jersey or blends. BUY HERE:

  14. Underwear – Black Bra: A good bra can be tough to come by, so when you find one…hold on to it. BUY HERE:

  15. A Classic Lip: For the days when you want to spruce up a bit. BUY HERE:

  16. White Tee: Classic any and every time. BUY HERE:

  17. White Blouse: Basically, a white tee, but perfect for the office and weekend brunch. BUY HERE:

  18. Black Blazer: Every woman should have at least one flattering blazer. If you can’t find one right off the bat, get one that’s almost perfect and have it tailored. BUY HERE:

  19. Leather Jacket: Once you find a perfect leather jacket, you’ll use any occasion to wear it. BUY HERE:

  20. Cardigan: For those days when you want to be comfy and cozy, yet cute. BUY HERE:

  21. Crew Neck Sweater: Perfect to pair with jeans and everything else. BUY HERE:

  22. Denim Jacket: Between a denim and leather jacket, you’ll be good on days when it’s not too hot, but not too cold. BUY HERE:

  23. Puffer Coat/Parka: For when it’s actually cold outside. BUY HERE:

  24. Chunky Infinite Scarf: Again, for the when it’s actually cold and you need to be cute and warm. BUY HERE:

  25. Carry-all Tote: This bag should be large enough to carry your essentials and sturdy enough for everyday wear and tear. BUY HERE:

  26. Turtleneck Sweater: Turtlenecks are surprisingly versatile and for that they make the list. BUY HERE:

  27. Clutch: A clutch is small, yet mighty. This absolute must-have allows you to keep everything you need in one place without taking up too much room. BUY HERE:

  28. Crossbody Bag: A purse that can take you from work to play, from day to night and errands to unexpected getaways. BUY HERE:

  29. Leather Wallet: Upgrade yourself to a sleek new wallet that doubles as a casual clutch. BUY HERE:

  30. Weekender Bag: Stop using your gym bag for weekend getaways or overnight trips. Invest in a nice weekender bag that’s roomie enough for all your things. BUY HERE:

  31. Gym Bag: Now, this is for when you ACTUALLY need a gym bag. Make sure you have one big enough to keep all your essentials to get ready. BUY HERE:

  32. Backpack: For when you want to get some work done on the weekend or just as a “personal item” on the plane. BUY HERE:

  33. Heeled Black Ankle Boots:  Something that you love to easily transition from day to night. BUY HERE:

  34. Strappy Heels: They go with denim and well…everything. BUY HERE:

  35. Classic Pumps: For work or play. BUY HERE:

  36. Loafers: An upgrade from the average ballet flat that looks a bit more chic. BUY HERE:

  37. White Sneakers: Classic white kicks are a casual basic that will go with everything in your closet. BUY HERE:

  38. Workout Sneakers:  Preferably ones that make you feel like you can crush your workout. BUY HERE:

  39. Flip Flops or Slides: For when you need to make a quick run. BUY HERE:

  40. Peacoat Jacket or Trench: A trench or peacoat are structured yet comfortable pieces. They make classic statements in neutral colors. BUY HERE:

  41. Matching Pajama Set: Sometimes your basketball shorts and oversized tee won’t cut it. BUY HERE:

  42. Midi Skirt: Also known as the “grown woman’s skirt”. BUY HERE:

  43. Mini Skirt: There’s a time and a place for everything, so there will be moments for the midi and then there will be moments for a mini. BUY HERE:

  44. “Anytime” Jeans: This is the pair of jeans that make your butt look good and make you feel better instantly. Whether they are flared, cropped, skinny, or bootcut, every woman needs a pair of solid jeans. BUY HERE:

  45. Jean Shorts: Think of these like your “anytime” jeans, but in a short version. BUY HERE:

  46. Black Cigarette Pants: It's a chic alternative to jeans when you need to look a little more dressed up. BUY HERE:

  47. Black Jeans: If your job allows for black jeans, these are great for days when you just don’t feel like wearing business casual. BUY HERE:

  48. Silk Blouse: You can look put together without trying too hard in a silk blouse. BUY HERE:

  49. A Suit: For the times when you mean business and need to look like it. BUY HERE:

  50. LBD: Last, but not least…the little black dress! Now this is a no brainer. Select one that makes you feel amazing and sexy. BUY HERE:

A good mix of these items in your closet will have you ready to SLAY! With these items, you will be able to mix and match to create your own unique looks. Have fun with these items to give your style some added flare!