Expanding Your Financial Perspective: How to make the Most of Your Money


Expanding Your Financial Perspective: How to make the Most of Your Money

By Briana Elmore

There is always a way to make the resources that you have work in your favor. Now, I say that with full understanding that sometimes funds can be low and debts high. However, I encourage you to broaden your perspective on your finances to make room for the possibilities of growth that can be obtained in your finances. This new mindset towards finances can help give way to a new level of happiness and financial freedom. 

Often times, when we as Twenty Somethin’s encounter financial obstacles it can tend to seem like a huge set back. To be successful in life and in finances, it is important to have faith. You must believe in yourself and the goals that you have for yourself. You have to have the vision of where you see your finances in place to build an effective plan of action as you work tirelessly to accomplish your version of success. 

We have the ability to not only endure financial hardships but also build our finances to a point of stability. We each have something unique that we bring to the table. We each have expertise and the ability to bring that knowledge out in a way that no one else can do. Expanding your financial mindset will allow you to think of new and innovative ways to generate your own wealth. 

When condisering your financial perspective, you should start to immerse your thinking in ways that you can utilize your talent as well as your money to be the most beneficial to you and your vision for yourself.

3 Points to Consider in Your Financial Mindset

View Your Budget as a Guideline, Not a Restrictive Punishment

Having a budget is important. However, most times, people look at budgets as a punishment or inconvienence. In fact, a budget is neither. Your budget is your opportunity to take the incrimental steps necessary to achieve functional financial standing. Your budget will also allow you to effectively plan for your future. Once you look at your budget as a tool to assist you on the path to live successfully, you will be able to truly mature into a strong financial standing while utilizing your resources efficiently.

Think About Ways You Can Make Your Money Beneficial

As Twenty Somethins, we are surrounded by possibilities in our ability to generate wealth. Our generation is setting a new precedent in entreprenurial endeavors. You can find ways to generate different streams of income within your community. Consider the world around you and your direct surroundings. Look at the things that your community needs. It is likely if this need in your community is evident to you, it is also apparent to other members of the community. Utilize those things as an opportunity to not only provide for yourself but also revive your surrounding. Once you examine the your local needs, you can then condiser the ways that you can bring your unique skills and talents to the table to create a business or service. Start off small and work with your community to grow. This investment in your community will be a means to uplift and inspire meaningful changes in your community that can impact generations.

Embrace a Strategic Financial Thought Process

The way that you think about your money can change the trajectory of your financial journey. It is important to view money as a resource to utilize in your endeavors rather than the end all be all to getting things done. Now, it is in fact true that money can make things happen, however, there are a plethora of ways to create success. Be very thoughtful and purposeful with your money. When dealing with money, you should utilize all of your resources to sustain your finances.

These points of considerations are by no means the only things to consider in your financial journey. However, they add a different perpective to the way that you think about your money. If you think more strategically about your money, you will be able to most out of your finances.