No Makeup For a Week


No Makeup For a Week

By: Eve Auston

So, today’s article was supposed to be about nude lipsticks for women of color. Trust me, I’ve put a lot of love into that article but it’s not quite ready yet. Today, I’m going to be sharing an experience that I felt my spirit was called to have this past week that maybe will inspire others.

For reasons still unknown to me, for the past week, I was unable to wear makeup without breaking out really bad or having irritation on my skin. I’ve been using the same makeup routine for a year so imagine my surprise when my routine doesn’t work.

I was scared. I work in a professional setting everyday and makeup is a part of the looks I create. I don’t usually walk outside without at least a base on my face but my skin was NOT HAVING IT. I looked in the mirror that day(Sunday) and said to myself that clearly I’m meant to embrace my skin this week but I didn’t know why.


I did my hair up extra nice, I’m a little ashamed but I tried to cover some of my face with my glasses and bangs. I felt so naked and wasn’t sure how to navigate the day. Before knew it, Monday was over. I remember thinking “what? No one said anything?” And went home perplexed.


This time I actually tried to do somewhat of a skin routine. I put on a face mask and a water cream from Tatcha. My face was...receptive? I was shocked to feel my skin so bouncy that when I left for work I was smiling and thinking about my skin less.


I was a machine, I developed a whole routine of cleansers, masks, and moisturizers until my acne and skin inflammation kept going down. Thursday I was ready.


As I got ready for the day, I looked in the mirror at myself. My skin was clearing up, and I was okay with it. I did my skin routine and looked at my face again. God made me beautiful just the way I am. I rely so heavily on fashion, makeup, and hair to define who I am and they are all great, yes, but I feel we have lost some of our connection with ourselves.


As I walked in to work, my supervisor said to me “your skin looks so great! You’re lucky you can walk around without makeup on, I wish I could”. In that moment, had it been a week ago, I would have mentioned how embarrassed I was or how it was only temporary to lighten the mood. But, instead, I turned to her and said, “you should try it one day. I think you’ll be surprised”. I know I was.