Month of Clean: Get Organized with Nicole Spears of Purposely Organized

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Get Organized with Nicole Spears of Purposely Organized

By Derika Crowley

This month is all about getting clean and organized! In the midst of trying to get inspired, I’ve came across a few Instagram divas who have mastered the art of keeping a tidy home.

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Purposely Organized officially launched in December 2018. It is an Organizing Company, owned and operated by Nicole Spears, located out of the DC, Maryland and Virginia area. Purposely Organized offers a number of high quality services such as de-cluttering, re-organizing, and many more.

The objective of Purposely Organized remains to provide structure and orderliness in the lives of our clients and customers, so we focused on asking her the best way to clean out your closet and some of her favorite products of the moment.

What’s the best way to organize your closet? 

The best way to organize your closet is to first know the purpose behind why you would like your closet organized. Is it so that if your closet is more organized you will be able to find items more easily and spend less energy and time trying to find stuff so that you can have a more productive day or purposeful life? Or is it because you would like to save money and by seeing what you already own and knowing where you can find it would be helpful? Those questions should be asked prior to organizing your closet. After that is done, then and only then should you begin. I personally find a clearer more organized space easier to manage. I first take everything out of the closet, so I can see the space and items I have to determine what needs to go back in or what I should rid, after doing this I proceed to organize by color, article or both. 

Are there any good organization items for your closet that you recommend? 

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Yes, fabric hangers are the best! You save lots of space by using them. Plus they just look neat and clean in your closet. Everyone’s closet is different and requires different items but the basic items I recommend are: fabric hangers, I prefer black, a shoe rack or shoe organizer that you can hang which will create more space. Baskets or containers are always useful for your closet as well. 

What are "essentials" we need in our wardrobe and what things we can easily toss? 

I dislike clutter! So depending on the season, pack away items that you do not plan to wear anytime soon. Some of my essentials consist of, A blazer, trench coat, hoodie, comfortable flats, sneakers (I am from New York), a neutral heel, jeans, skirt, leather coat and/or jean jacket (If I’m traveling, it can get cold at night in places like California even in the summer!). I toss all items that I have not worn in years, do not find useful or does not bring me joy. 

If we have an issue letting certain clothes go, what do you recommend? 

I have a blog on my page at (read it and subscribe!) that covers this, I recommend putting the items in a box or a bend after de-cluttering and waiting overnight or a few days later to see if you would still like to keep these items. The truth is at some point you as an individual have to decide if you rather keep the clutter or become more organized for a life of purpose and productivity. If you have not worn an item for over a year or two, donate or sell it, especially if you do not have space for it. 

How often should we clean out our closet? 

I deep clean and reorganize my space probably every season, however, I also do a weekly maintenance cleaning/re-organization, which is less intense every week, preferably when I am preparing my clothes for the week ahead. 


When it comes to cleaning, what are products that you love right now? I prefer Lysol wipes, Windex, Bleach depending on what I am cleaning. I am sure there are some other amazing natural products I can make use of. 

What's one thing you wish you knew a few years ago that you know now when it comes to up-keeping your space?

Do not let things pile up, put things away immediately after using it! But knowing my purpose in life and my why behind getting organized has definitely helped me. In addition to that, when my mind is clear and free of clutter, I have more patience, peace, happiness, and joy.  

Why is a "clean space" important?  

So that I can maximize my time and resources. 

Is there a way to keep your space clean with a family?

Writing a To-Do list using the Purposely Organized Vision Planner and sticking to it! What I love about this planner is I see my vision every day in it, so I know my why behind my what. Whether it is organizing space for a family or as a single, the planner can help motivate one to stick to their tasks at hand. I also recommend one with a family to try cleaning and organizing while your family is either out of the home, resting, or hiring someone like me to help you out! 

How can you make cleaning a form of self-care? 

Self-care is giving others the best of you, not what is left of you. Cleaning and Organizing is literally therapy for me! When I have my things and life in order, I can then help others get their things and life in order, therefore, fulfilling my purpose. If I am full of clutter and disorganization it's hard to be of use to someone else. Clarity is very important to me, so when an individual has a clear mind and space through organization that individual can better function in life and that’s a form of self-care to me. 

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