Valuing the People Around You

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Valuing The People Around You

By KeyVonna Taylor

At some point or another, we all may find that we have come to a place where we have let ourselves go or are feeling burnt-out. You may be feeling the weight of having too many long nights in the office. You could feel the fatigue of helping people who seem to not appreciate it. Possibly you are experiencing feeling as if you are doing all you can to reach your dreams, but no matter what you do it doesn’t seem to be good enough. Negative feelings such as these can not only play a role in your life, but also in the lives of others and your relationships that you have with them.

In order to value the people around you, you have to first learn how to value yourself. If you are filled, you can pour into your tribe around you. A way you can learn to better cultivate your relationships with others is by improving the way you care for yourself. Self-care can be described as actions taken to improve your physical, mental, or emotional health, that push you towards a desired outcome.

Your personal well-being can be elevated in many ways.

Spending time with God every morning

Building any relationship takes time. Similar to how you spend time with a friend to learn more about who they are and build trust, similar practices apply as you grow closer to God. The more time you spend with your Heavenly Father, the more you will learn His character. He wants us to make time through out our day so, He can hear from us and so we can hear from Him. Your improved relationship with God will overflow into and benefit other areas of your life.

Read a Book

Take a step back from what did not go right today — RELAX! Perhaps, pick a book that puts emphasis on what you are going through to gain more perspective. You may find that you learn a gem or two. You could even, read something that you find enjoyable for a laugh. It can also be fun to start a book club with peers to form relationships and gain fresh perspectives on life while sharing a common interest in the book.


The act of journaling is to better help you process your thoughts and feelings. For some people, writing about what they are experiencing helps them to better internalize what is going on. There’s something about seeing your feelings on paper that can feel very therapeutic. Conflict is sometimes unavoidable in your relationships, writing down your thoughts before you speak could be a good tool for helping you better articulate what you want to say while maintaining the integrity of the relationship.  

Get Moving

Wake up early before you go to work or you take the kids to school to focus on something that is beneficial. If you are not an early riser, make time in your day to be active. You could go for a run, or hit the gym before you end your day. The more energy you have the more likely you are to be there for those in your life.

Take a day out of the week to intentionally do something’s that you enjoy!  

Alone time is necessary. You have to prioritize yourself. Having time alone can help you reset and feel more refreshed.

These are just a couple of examples of what you can do to take care of yourself and better value your relationships. Self-care looks different for everyone. Please take the time to explore what self-care looks like for you!

Make self-care apart of your daily routine, if you have not already done so. You will see a positive change in your life as a result. You may have heard the phrase, “If you can’t take care of yourself, how can you take care of others?” I believe this to be true. Not to say that if you are not in a good place that you cannot help anyone else, but it is hard to truly show up for someone and display love if you don’t to yourself.

Valuing yourself will help you value your relationships.