5 Quotes That'll Remind You to De-clutter Your Spirit & Environment


5 Quotes That’ll Remind You to De-clutter Your Spirit & Environment

By Monique Richardson

We’ve all had that moment in our lives where we stare at a focal point and think of where we are in life and where we’re trying to go. Making changes within life isn’t easy. Then again, life isn’t easy. We manage to reflect on our lifestyles and surroundings through our behaviors and habits. Although, at some point, the people we spend our time with, our habits, and even your own self-destruction can create a path we never thought we’d be going down.

On the other hand, when your moment of self-reflection comes to rescue, we give ourselves the chance to make a difference. Whether it’s a time of meditation, driving to and from work, or just thinking about your day before going to sleep, here are five quotes that’ll remind you to de-clutter your spirit and environment in a world full of distractions, demands, and still self-care acts.

 "You can't reach for anything new if your hands are still full of yesterday's junk." - Louise Smith

When focusing on the things of the past, it can cloud your view of the future. Yesterday might’ve been a day of chaos, struggle, hurt, loss, and guilt, but if you’re given another day, embrace those negative experiences as they will make you stronger to reach for the new things coming ahead. Clear your hands from things that already happened. It’s part of the path.

Energy is the new currency”- Friend Zone Podcast

Protecting your energy is currently worth more than money. Don’t believe it? Think of a time when you were too tired to get up and work on your passion; a passion can bring revenue. Therefore, we must save our energy for people who need it most; there are people who are energy drainers in your environment. Recognizing such people will help you de-clutter those contact lists and create a better surrounding.

 “If you don't take care of this, the most magnificent machine that you will ever be given...where are you going to live?” Karyn Calabrese

 Our spirit is within these hardworking machines, how can we let them down? From the healing process to self-care, we must be mindful of the status of our spirit and how we’re treating ourselves. If we’re not taking care of the inside, it’ll show clear on the outside.

“As you go through life, you will see that there is so much that we don’t understand. And the only thing we know is things don’t always go the way we plan.”- The Lion King

 Biblically speaking, we need to listen more and try to understand less. But as we live in a society full of ups and downs, we want nothing more than to control our every moves and make plans for ourselves. We go through anxiety, depression, and worry in our lives because of our plans. If there’s one thing we need to understand, it’s this: it is already written. Every mistake you’ve made and any every moment of anger and disappointment is sometimes life putting you back on the right path.

“If you want more of anything in your life you need to make room for it.”- Life

De-cluttering your spirit and environment takes work and movement. Never expect for the clutter to disappear as it will only collaborate and create more issues within your life. If you really want change, gain clarity and positivity, make room.

Whether it’s that small debt or that person in your life, deal with it and create space for better.