Release and Grow: Breaking Down the Process of Your Glow Up


Release and Grow: Breaking Down the Process of Your Glow Up

By Sahmia Parks

Being a Twenty Somethin, some days I find myself thinking “Lord, why didn’t I listen when they asked me not to rush my age?” My elders would always say “ Enjoy your youth while it last” I have just realized the meaning of their advice. It means to enjoy that youthful energy you carry because at some point adulting hits and when it hits you realize you are learning and unlearning things. The main theme of my twenties has been releasing and growing, growing and releasing. I’ve spent a lot of time looking at my habits, cycles, and lifestyle to really assess what serves my purpose and releasing what does not. The process is just like spring cleaning your home or closet. You unpack winters baggage and let go of old coats and clothing you no longer fit. The same is true when it comes to habits, cycles, and even circle of influence. The beauty in releasing and letting grow is the fact that you make room for clothes, new shoes, new opportunities, and new habits that can be way more fulfilling.


Commit 30 days to release an old habit and create a new one that benefits the life you are creating. That can look like releasing pressing the snooze button to begin waking up at 5:30 every day to journal, pray and stretch. It can look like releasing chatting on the phone for an hour with your girlfriend after work gossiping and listening to a new uplifting podcast while on the way home from work.


Have you taken a look at your cycles lately? No, not the one that comes every 28 days but unhealthy cycles that you’ve gotten caught up in. Personally speaking, for 8 years, I noticed that I had gotten used to accepting on and off relationships. The ones that are on and everything is wonderful for 2 months then you break up only to make up months later. It was spring of 2018 that I decided I wanted consistency in a relationship and as hard as it was to release not only the person but the cycle. I grew tremendously. It forced me to look at my family’s history in relationship cycles. I decided I wanted to make an effort to change the cycle of inconsistency in all of my relationship so that I could call in a healthy relationship. What patterns and cycles have you been holding onto that you need to release? Write it out to acknowledge it and release it. Take a stance and commit to living your life differently.

Circle of Influence

You are a reflection of the 5 people you surround yourself with. Have examined your peers lately? Are they forward-thinking? Do they hold the same values in which you are creating in your current life? It is an essential part of growing to release the friendships that are keeping you stagnant. I consistently assess my circle to be sure we are all on the path of glowing up together. It makes you process more fun when you have people alongside you striving for the same things in life.

As hard as growing pains can be sometimes, it is okay to Release and let Growth. Your 30-year-old self will thank you in the end.