How to Spring Clean YOU: Inside and Out


Spring Cleaning YOU on the Inside and Out

By Timoshanae Wellmaker

Spring time is very much here, which means summer is that much closer. If you haven’t yet did your yearly spring cleaning then it’s time to go ahead and start that process. But this time around, let’s do some real spring cleaning. Let’s really get into this.

This spring, it’s all about spring cleaning within ourselves. So much of the focus of spring cleaning tends to be getting rid of the physical things. People often go from room to room in their homes looking for things they no longer need, things they deem has reached its point of meaning in their lives and therefore needs to be let go.

Well, sis, don’t just do surface level cleaning this spring. Let’s get into some of the things we can work on letting go, or spring cleaning if you will, that will help make you better as a person. Or in other words, will push you to truly shine.

“That” Ex

If your mind instantly went to a certain person when you read the word “Ex,” then that’s the person you probably need to let go! Now don’t get it wrong, it’s not always the worst thing in the world to still keep it friendly with an ex. But be honest with yourself. If you are holding on to the past or if your ex is just not a good person for your growth- if your ex is blocking you from your husband- then make this the season you let that go.


You and the person you’re dating are kind of a thing but then again you don’t really know if you’re a thing because you haven’t made it a thing and you haven’t even officially talked about making it a thing. Confused? Well the point is, if you are holding on to anybody that has you confused on what terms you guys are, then consider it a good time to let them go confuse someone else.

 Your own toxic traits

While no one’s perfect, that doesn’t erase your own duty to reflect on your own shortcomings. If you’re quick to point the fingers to other people, take some time and see how you can work on yourself.

Unhealthy habits

Consider where you want to be years from now, are the things you do on a daily basis setting you up for that kind of success? Log out of Instagram for a while. Put that extra plate of food back in the fridge. Do more of what the “future you” needs and less of the things that don’t serve you much good.

The truth is that this list can go on and on. The best thing you can do is reflect on what you need to let go of. There’s no wrong answer. What will make you better? What will open your heart for more growth? Maybe you don’t show yourself love daily, or your expectations for yourself are too high or you are holding on to some pain from your childhood that you haven’t confronted. Whatever it is that is holding you back, make a plan to truly let go of it. Now is the time.