Don’t Let That Winter Fluff Stick


Don’t Let That Winter Fluff Stick

 By Marlie Blaise

 What do you think of when you hear the phrase “Spring cleaning?” Out with the old and in with the new! Spring is officially here! We are all getting rid of our winter clothes and putting away our winter décor.  But spring cleaning encompasses more than just our homes.  Let’s not neglect our bodies.  After several winter holidays ranging from Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even New Years, there is no better time than the Spring time to “Spring clean” our bodies. This can come in many forms - ranging from incorporating healthier eating habits, enhancing our skin care routine and even booking those neglected doctor visits.

Lets start with healthier eating habits! This Spring, choose to incorporate more vegetables and fruits into your diet.  With the changing seasons, there is no better time than now to head to your local farmer’s market and pick out some of the freshest produce. Incorporating more fruits and vegetables will help your body naturally cleanse itself.  You should especially incorporate fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber into your diet.

 Some go to fruits and veggies that are high in fiber include - apples, spinach, prunes, and berries to name a few.  Integrate these fruits and vegetables into your diet daily and it is likely that you will notice a good difference in your digestive system.   While you are at it, if you have not already, committed to drinking a gallon of water a day.

 With a warmer season on the rise, stepping up your water intake is a must.  While water will help prevent you from becoming dehydrated in this warmer season, water also has so many other benefits. Water directly benefits the skin which we often neglect during the winter.  The winter cold can sometimes have a harsh impact on our skins.  So, now is the time to make sure we work on reviving our skin by increasing our water intake and following a maintenance routine.  Drinking more water can help give the skin a natural glow.  Water on the exterior surface of the skin can also enhance that glow as well.  You should be sure to wash your face twice a day, subsequently moisturize your skin, and incorporate a face mask at least twice a week. 

Don’t neglect your lips.  Lips too often become dry during the winter season.  Now that you are spring cleaning your body, you should do a weekly lip scrub to eliminate the dead skin and make room for glowing lips.  One of my favorite DIY lip scrubs is mixing lemon juice, half a teaspoon of sugar, honey, and rose water.  I have personally found that this scrub naturally lightens the lips and restores it to its natural pinkness while also purging dead layers of skin. 

One last and vital recommendation for this Spring season is going to the doctor to get your regular check up! I know some of you have been saying that you are going to make that doctor appointment or go to the dentist for that cleaning for a while.  One word of advice – do it!  We often put those things off and will elect to go to the gym and workout, but it is important that we do not abandon the other important wellness visits that include seeing our physicians and dentists on the regular.  

Doctors have an expertise in health and wellness that could help discover or prevent unnoticeable diseases or symptoms.  While going to the gym can give us amazing physical results, doctors are able to tell us what is happening internally.  Since this Spring is all about the bodies, you should aim to maximize your wellness results. 

Combining healthier eating habits that will help you naturally detox, stepping up your skin care routines creating that skin glow, and getting check ups from the inside out will ensure that you are well prepared for the Spring and the seasons to come beyond that. Let’s embrace healthier living this Spring!