Plan It Out: The Best Planners to Use to Organize Your Life


Plan It Out: The Best Planners to Use to Organize Your Life

By Brianna Godbolt

I’m so proud of my Twenty Somethin and Black fam. We are building businesses, losing weight, dating with purpose and earning degrees all while empowering one another to do the same. With all this activity, it’s easy to get clouded and overwhelmed with our ‘to do’ lists. But don’t sweat it sis, I have found a fun, creative and colorful way to de-clutter your mind when your ‘to do’ list is greater than your ‘can do’ list.

The Happy Planner

Happy Planner’s are a brand of yearly and quarterly planners that are colorfully themed and simply organized. What I love about the Happy Planner is that they also provide planner sticker books that make planning super fun, stress free and wonderfully addictive.

Now obviously, planning is not a new phenomenon. For me, this method of planning makes me excited to have a busy week. On Sundays, after service of course, I sit down and begin to plan out my next week. The fun comes in when I start to choose a color theme for my week. Then, I organize my stickers based on my activities for that day. In the end I get an uplifting, satisfying and highly organized outlook on my week to come. Just opening up my planner and seeing the beautiful art work and motivational stickers takes the stress off of my shoulders.

Perhaps the Happy Planner isn’t for you. No problem. There are many other popular planner brands that still offer creativity and functionality to the booked and busy woman. Research and check them Out!

Plan It Out!

Erin Condren Life Planner

This planner is sophisticated, yet very girly. It’s aim is to provide space for weekly and daily goals. It also offers inspiration for an overall organized lifestyle. Each planner comes with sticker pages and a folder in the back to assist you in effective planning. learn-more

Plan It Out!

Bullet Journal

The Bullet Journal is 100% customizable to your needs. It comes absolutely blank.. If you love to create your own artwork this may be perfect for you. You can even purchase writing and drawing tools from their website to add your own personal touch.

Plan It Out!

Hashi Weekly Planner

This cutie is compact and stylish. It allow you to plan one week at a time and also comfortably sits beneath your computer keyboard for easy access.

Plan It Out!

Panda Planner

This planner is great for the detail-oriented person. It allows you to plan day-to-day activities. It even leaves you room for morning and night reflections.