The Art of Letting Go: Keeping Your Joy & Adding Value

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The Art of Letting Go: Keeping Your Joy & Adding Value

By: Nikia Bundage

So, there’s this new show on Netflix, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo. As it states in the title, it’s all about tidying up. It encourages you to decide what should stay with you and what should be let go. However, after cleaning up with a pile of clothes to prove it, I realized that I would soon be adding value into my life. How, you ask? By selling the unwanted items on eBay. Is the title making sense now? I let go of old items that I no longer needed, kept what gave me joy, and added value by making a profit. Truly, that is how life works.

Here’s are 3 easy steps to “tidy up” your life so that you can have a constant peace of mind 

Evaluate your life.

Think about all the main factors in your life: job, hobbies, and relationships with other people. Which of these makes you the happiest? When it comes to your happiness there are some things that you shouldn’t have to think twice about. If you need help think about the age old question, “If you were stuck on an island and could only bring a few things/people, who or what would you bring?”

Remove what doesn’t give you instant joy.

After counting all your blessings, what are some things you can do without? What isn’t sparking joy in your life? Cleaning up isn’t always about material things or even people. It can also include your emotions. For example, are you still holding on to a grudge from last year? You know the kind that only YOU know about? Let it go, boo. Then, as you toss aside what doesn’t immediately “spark joy” remember to say “Thank you” for the good times you shared with that person, place, or thing.

Add value.

I know it’s cliché but when you let go of the old you are making room for the new. You can’t enter a new season if you’re still tied to the old one. It has run its course and may be causing you to not only lose opportunities, but also yourself. People often say their time is valuable yet keep wasting it on things that no longer serves a purpose in their life. Your new season can bring value by giving you more time to do things you love, introduce a new beau, friend, business opportunity, and so much more.

At the start of the year, everyone is determined to make changes they deem necessary. Although intentions can be good, there has to be a starting point with a plan. Great thing is, these three easy steps can be applied to any area in your life that needs cleaning. Evaluate, Remove, Add.