The Ultimate Spring-Cleaning Guide: Clean Your Space in One Day


The Ultimate Spring-Cleaning Guide: Clean Your Space in One Day

By Derika Crowley

With Spring officially here, it is now the time to give your place a deep-clean. If you can afford it, using apps like TaskRabbit are an ideal way to get all the cleaning out the way in a few hours while you focus on other things. If using a cleaning service is out of your budget (or you simply want to do it yourself), here is a guide to help you prioritize your cleaning schedule and get your place “Spring ready” in one day.


Over time, all the grime from your makeup, hair sprays and everything else builds up. Taking a minute to wipe down the walls, crown molding and ceilings in your bathroom will prevent it from accumulating to the point of no return. For the floors, sweep or vacuum first and then follow-up by wiping them down with an all-purpose cleaner – you can do this same routine for the walls.

Once you’ve tackled the walls, floor and ceiling, toss any throw rugs into the washing machine. While the rugs are getting washed, wipe down your mirror and the inside of your bathroom windows (if you have them).

Tackle your shower, tub, toilet and sink with the “spray and soak” method. Spray all the areas down with whatever cleaning agent you prefer, let it soak for 15 or 20 minutes, then come back and rinse everything down.

To finish the job, you can mop the bathroom floor before moving on to the next room.


Before any cleaning in your bedroom, remove the sheets and pillows off your bed and throw them in the wash. While your bedding is getting clean, move on to removing the dirt and dust from you walls, mirror, ceilings and windows.


Starting with the refrigerator, empty everything out and then wipe it down with a cleaning solution. Once you’ve placed everything that is still good to eat back in, move on to the appliances. Take off stove grates and other removable parts and scrub them clean with either a cloth or scrubbing pads.

If you have a self-cleaning oven, turn it on so that it can be cleaning while you handle the rest. If you don’t have a self-cleaning oven, remember to scrub away any caked food that may be on the bottom.

Wash/disinfect all surfaces and cabinets. The tops of cabinets and the fridge may have grease buildup, so remember to clean those areas too.

Spray antibacterial cleanser inside the cabinet where you store trash and vacuum out any crumbs that may be in your utensil drawers.

Sweep, vacuum and mop floors.


Dust all the surfaces from your table to your shelves and underneath your electronics. Once you’re finished, wipe down your windows and walls. Grab your vacuum to work on the floor. Remove your sofa cushions and vacuum inside there too since crumbs or dirt may have fell in.

Shampoo your rug and carpet, treating any stains that you might see.


Once you’ve finally finished cleaning, go grab some takeout, kickback and relax.