8 Simple Ways to Elevate Your Summer


8 Simple Ways to Elevate Your Summer

By Brianna Godbolt 

I don’t know about you but every summer I find myself trying to out do my last summer break. As an elementary school teacher, I look forward to making the best of the free time I have without blowing my life savings. Now, having a productive summer doesn't have to mean starting and business or traveling the world. I believe you can have a bomb summer to remember by doing simple things that make a big impact. While there are millions of ways to have productive summer, here are just a few things that can simply elevate your summer.

1.     Tour your town.

Now I've even living in Miami all my life but I know that I have not seen all there is to see, nor have I experienced all there is to experience. You never know what wonderful treasures you can discover by simply touring your own town and trying something out of the box. That could be visiting a new restaurant, attending a sporting event or visiting an art museum.

2.     Redecorate.

There’s nothing more inspiring to me than to come into my room and feel like I'm in a whole new home. We change our style, our hair and our nails. There’s nothing wrong with picking a room in our house and sprucing it up bit. Sometimes a pop of color is all it takes to evaluate a room from mundane to marvelous. Maybe you want more than a pop, maybe a full gut job is more in line with your vision. Either way, a good HGTV style revamping can be what you need to refresh your life this summer.

3.     Read a book.

Okay, so this may seem a bit predictable and played but honestly I don't think reading could ever go out of style. There’s so much knowledge and wisdom out there; we should always be pursuing to take hold of it. Maybe this summer you should go outside the box and read on something a bit unique. I just picked up a book that is packed with prophetic revelation and divine wisdom. I’ve never read a book quite like it but I can’t wait to dig in. Find something new and keep an open mind.

4.     Wake up earlier.

Okay, so I know I'm probably 2 for 2 on odd suggestions but hear me out. We only get 24 hours a day. While everyone else is sleep late and staying up all night, I believe waking earlier is a major way to enjoy all a day can offer. For example, have you ever got for a run at 5am? No? Well let me tell you it’s empowering, inspiring and energizing. The scent of the morning dew alone is majestic and relaxing. The sun has yet to rise so the cool breeze against your face just encourages you to keep going. There’s something about getting up before everyone else that makes you feel like you have an advantage over whatever comes at you. This is just one benefit, there are so many things you can do. I guess you’ll have to try it to figure out the rest.

5.     Volunteer.

Volunteering is a simple yet rewarding way to evaluate your summer with little to no cost. What I love about volunteering is that.I always leave better than when I came. Volunteering always humbles me and changes my perspective on things. I challenge you to find somewhere to offer your time, even if it’s just couple of hours a week.

6.     Declutter.

Ugh, is it just me or when your room is messy you feel like your whole life is out of order. I’ve noticed that when I declutter my room even the air feels cleaner; somehow I’m able to breathe easier. It can be as simple as buying a few containers and organizing your closet or make up collection. Even better, gather all your old clothes and shoes and give them away. Decluttering gives you a clean slate and stirs up creativity.

7.     Start a blog/vlog.

What’s easier that picking up your phone camera and inviting the world into your world. Maybe you're private and you just want to share your knowledge on cooking. There are countless free website building options that allow you to start a blog. Blogging/vlogging has become a portal for networking, fellowshipping and brand building. While success may take some grit and commitment, the joy of sharing ones views with people who can relate makes it worth it.

8.     Join a diet craze.

Let’s see, there veganism, vegetarianism, keto, paleo, alkaline, raw food, anti-inflammatory and tons more. You can never go wrong with eating better and slimming down. Every summer millions of people try out new strategies for weight loss. Some may say this is a lost cause but I say try one and see if it works for you. I was vegan for 7 months. I loved the lifestyle but didn’t expect to lose so much weight. After adding meat back into my diet I still maintained some vegan principles that I knew made me better. Not every diet will work for you but there’s so much you can learn from just trying it out.

Okay now I know at least one of these suggestions struck a cord with you. Summer can be hectic, uneventful, or even stressful. Sometimes it’s the simple things we do that make it unforgettable. I challenge you to do somethings small but new and share with us how it elevated your summer. Enjoy!