I Gave Up Coffee for a Week…Here’s What I Learned

I Gave Up Coffee for a Week…Here’s What I Learned

By: Derika Crowley

I wouldn’t go to the extremity of saying I have a coffee addiction, but I will say I’ve gotten to a point where it’s become a regular part of my morning routine. In all honesty, I’m not 100% sure if it’s gotten to this point because I genuinely like coffee or simply like the idea of starting my morning with a cup of caffeine (preferably is a cute coffee cup).

From what I can recall, I’ve never been the type to get overly jittery due to coffee; but I have noticed my body has changed – bloating, dehydration, etc. While I can’t directly correlate this with my morning coffee, after watching a “morning routine” video with Jhene Aiko (and proceeding to spiral down a rabbit hole of researching celebrity habits) I could help but wonder if coffee was negatively impacting my digestive system and skin. More so, it got me to wondering what would happen if I gave up coffee for an entire week.

Now, I know a week won’t make that huge a difference short term, but the only way to break a habit is to start right? Plus, I’m trying to save money, so this is one way to get that coffee budget down too.

I know a lot of people who decided to quit coffee altogether or go on hiatus steer clear off all caffeine, but I didn’t feel like giving up tea was a huge deal for me; however, I was a mindful to avoid teas with caffeine if I could, sticking with strictly herbal ones.

Overall, it wasn’t as hard as I thought.

Having something warm to start the day, filled the void of not having coffee. I made myself a nice cup of tea and added honey with a dash of sugar.

It made me make healthier eating choices.

Health was a motivator with this lifestyle change, so I used the opportunity to drink more water and eat healthier snacks throughout the day. I made sure to pack my lunch to avoid spending excess money on food and be mindful of what I’m eating at home.

In the morning, I took time to make myself breakfast or a smoothie; making sure that I included fruit to get an extra boost of sugar for the day.

I got more sleep.

Knowing that I wouldn’t have anything to fall back on to wake me up, I went to bed earlier than usual to make sure I woke up refreshed. I was in bed by 10 and up by 6, so I got a full 8 hours.

I learned that (as I expected) I like coffee and don’t plan to give it up completely

I like to have a morning routine and I like having coffee apart of that routine. Since I don’t drink more than a cup a day, I think that’s fine; but I do see that I’m a dependent on it – maybe not for the energy effect, but just enjoying the idea of having coffee in my hands in the morning.

This week made me stop and think about how much coffee and I’m drinking and encourage me to not make it an everyday thing, switching it for tea or water every now and then.