How To Maximize Your PTO


How to Maximize Your PTO

By Briana Elmore

We can all agree, summer 2019 feels like it is going to be epic. The music, the festivals, the energy to live and thrive in your element unapologetically are all working together to make this summer one for the books. This summer, we all want to live our best lives which means that we may have to plan some time off from work to fully enjoy ourselves. In order to enjoy all that the summer has to offer, you have to properly plan out your paid time off (PTO) and money to make sure you that you can fully enjoy your summer.

With all the fun to be had this summer, you want to make sure that you keep your professional reputation and good standing at your job intact. There are many different factors that weigh in on your time off at work. You want to plan your time off with consideration for the PTO policies for your company as well as your team. You never want to be the co-worker that is never at work nor the worker who does not dot all their “I’s” and cross all their “T’s.” You always want to have all things at work together and secure so that you can fully enjoy your time off with no guilt or worries. Having everything properly planned out at work allows you to live your best life on vacation and come back into work rejuvenated and ready to be your best at work.

I am aware that there are many differing policies in place for companies that regulate how they utilize PTO. There also may not be an option to utilize any paid time off or requesting time off from work could be very difficult to execute at your place of employment. There are many ways to consider your work schedule while flourishing in your social life. This summer we want to see all Twenty Somethins shine and thrive in the delight that summer brings.

If you are an entrepreneur with your own business, it can be difficult to separate yourself from the duties of your company. It is hard to refrain from working long enough to fully enjoy vacation. Obviously, if something that requires your attention arises, you will need to address the issue at hand. Otherwise, make a functional plan to enjoy yourself on your vacation and still insure that business goes on as scheduled in your absence.  

As you get prepared for summer and all the good vibes that the season brings, consider the following to maintain your growth:

Make Yourself Knowledgeable of Your Company’s Policies

Knowing how your company handles PTO and time off from work will set the guidelines for how you plan your time off. Having a clear understanding of the policy will allow you to accurately assess how you can approach your summer activities.  For instance, if you only get 12 days of PTO a year, you can determine how you want to allocate your time off for the year. This knowledge will help you know how hard you can hit the summer. On the other hand, if you are not eligible for paid time off from work, it is best to know that and move forward with summer plans and finances accordingly.

Research/ Plan Summer Activities as Early as Possible

There are so many different things to do this summer! You want to do your googles and see what is out there so you can make sure that you are utilizing your time and coins properly. Once you have chosen an activity worth your PTO, you should start to plan all the logistics to make your experience the best (Where are you going? Where are you staying? How long will you need to be there? Who will you be traveling with? Will you be driving, walking, or ubering? How much should you budget for food and other activities? Etc.).

Efficiently Prepare for Time Off at Work

Once you have a clear understanding of your plans and the policies in place at work, it is time to prepare for your summer plans by locking everything into place at work. It is best to put in for your time off and notify your supervisor as soon as possible to have the best chances of getting your request approved. Once approved, you can start to get your work responsibilities in place so that you can have a smooth transition into and returning from your vacation. For example, if your have reports that are due around the time that you return or while you are away, work ahead to complete them so that they are complete in your absence.

Utilize the Time that you are not scheduled to preserve your PTO.

Regardless of if you have a lot of PTO or none to utilize, you can still find great ways to utilize your time away from work. If you have weekends off, plan a weekend get away and utilize that time to have all of your fun! If you have a week day off, find some local festivals and activities to engage in and get reacquainted with your city. This method will help you maintain at work and feel like you are living your life to the fullest so that you get the most out of your summer!

This summer is going to be too amazing to not live it up to the fullest! Where there is a will, there is a way! You can have it all with your summer plans and career, you just have to pre-plan and embrace the experiences that you are a part of! Enjoy!