Twenty Somethin In The Water


Twenty Somethin In The Water

By Briana Elmore

As many of you may know, Twenty Somethin & Black had the amazing opportunity to go to the first Something In The Water music festival in Virginia Beach, VA to represent our unapologetic faith-based community. Something In The Water is a music festival that was orchestrated by Pharrell Williams and his AMAZING team to stimulate positivity, love, acceptance, and growth into the world through the unique lens of Virginia Beach.

There wasn’t just Something In The Water, there was something in the air as well at this festival that set it apart from any other music festival that exists. There were countless amazing artists that were on the musical line up. They also had amazing panelists contribute to several different panel discussions ranging from social justice to “God Talk.” The most uniquely amazing addition to Something In The Water was the Pop Up Church they had on Sunday for the community and festival goers. We were fortunate enough to join the team of vendors at the Pop-Up Church and share our platform with the community of people who came to enjoy the festivities. No matter what your “thing” is, Something In The Water had a space for you to get some kind of positive edification. There was room for you to have as many twerk and praise breaks as you saw fit.

Something In The Water was such a blessing because it was a safe space for everyone to truly enjoy themselves. You were welcomed to be who you are and  grow simultaneously. The atmosphere of Something In The Water was so special because it empowered attendees to be themselves on their own unapologetic terms without boundaries.


The joining of Twenty Somethin & Black and Something In The Water was so prolific because in both spaces we want to provide a non-judgmental space for our subscribers to feel supported and heard. Here at TSB we are all about acknowledging that the struggle can be real as we all learn to navigate our way into adulthood. Somethin In The Water not only acknowledged that but celebrated each of us coming together as a community of people to “Get It Together” together.

A lot of the time, as young people, we find ourselves struggling to stay consistent in our walks with God and balance our social lives. We can sometimes get caught up in the in our pursuit of God that we make the assumption that we have to live a “perfect lifestyle”, whatever that is, to be pleasing to God. However, at Twenty Somethin & Black, we truly believe that God uses the imperfect to perform His perfect purpose. He is using each of us as a testament to His goodness. This fact was evident with the waves of love and positivity flowing throughout Something In The Water.

A word that was ever present in our hearts while in attendance at Something In The Water was “Authenticity.” That word seems so simple but it can be one of the hardest things in life to uphold. However, at Something In The Water, authenticity was effortlessly ever-present from start to finish. They cultivated a space that everyone could authentically discover their similarities and celebrate their differences. We are now more inspired than ever to continue to create a space for millennials to be themselves in their walk with God without compromise. This experience was nothing short of amazing and we are forever grateful to have had the opportunity to be Twenty Somethin In The Water.