Saving Melanin- How to Stay Moisturized and Energized for the Summer!


Saving Melanin- How to Stay Moisturized and Energized for the Summer!

By Briana Elmore

Summertime is here and it is time to make sure your melanin is maintained and flourishing. Proper skincare is an essential component to making this summer one of your best yet. I was going with the “Black Don’t Crack” method of thinking when it came to my skin. However, as I am reminded on a weekly basis from Jade and Keia of Gettin Grown Podcast, “Your Black will crack if it’s dry.” I considered my skin to be healthy and maintained with only my regular regimen of cleaning, exfoliating, and moisturizing. As I start to grow in my self care and understanding of what is needed to keep my body nurtured from the inside out. I have learned that a good skin routine is a great but it is important to always adjust your skin care with each season to make sure that you shine and flourish 365 days a year. Educating yourself on the upkeep of your skin will take you to a whole new level.

This summer, it is important for all of our Twenty Somethins to be aware of a good summer routine to keep your melanin in tact! In our community, it can be considered taboo to wear sunscreen. I can remember a time where I did not consider it necessary to wear sunscreen but rather just something that “we don’t do.” Growing up, I thought all I needed to have good summer skin care was some lotion or grease for my skin to combat the ash and I could keep it pushin! As I have gotten older, I have become educated in what is needed to take care of my skin properly in the summer.

For me, a lot of the avoidance of sunscreen growing up was due to a lack of proper representation and understanding of the importance to protect our skin from the sun. There was also a lack of familiarity that I had with sunscreen. I was not used to seeing sunscreen used on a regular basis and it was not something that I seemed to be missing out on anything that was particularly cutting edge with skin care.

But, when you learn better you do better… I have become educated on the risks that we take going outside without proper sun protection. The main thing that we are getting protection from is the ultraviolet rays that the sun omits. When we are overexposed to the ultraviolet rays we also become subjected to the short term effect of sunburn that can result in: redness, tight skin, itchy skin, blisters, dehydration, or peeling. A long standing lifestyle of over-exposure can potentially cause your skin to age early, lower your immune system, and/or cause skin cancer.

The top 3 sunscreens to try out for people of color that are Hey Fran Hey, of The Friend Zone Podcast, approved are:

Super Goop


These products are some suggested sun protectants with natural oils that have holistic benefits. Please be sure to re-apply your sunscreen as directed because most of them give you about 1-2 hours of protection. It is best to also plan out your time in the sun, if possible, to give your skin the time it needs to rest and recuperate. Another tip is to wear cute and breathable clothing that can protect you from the sun.

Go be safe and have your melanin POP all summer 2019!