“Sister, Sister, Even though I'm glad to be with ya.” 


“Sister, Sister, Even though I'm glad to be with ya.” 

By Sahmia Parks

I know you guys remember our favorite tv show featuring our favorite twins Tia & Tamara Mowry. I’m dancing to the theme song as I type this to you. I was an only child for nearly 9 years of my life, I had everything to myself. I used to watch the show wishing I had a twin sister to share all my secrets with, play barbies with, wear the same outfit with, and even sneak into bed with when I had nightmares. My cousins were like my sisters but I didn’t see them everyday. When my sisters actually came into the world, I was well into my teens and couldn’t really relate to toddlers. God has and interesting way of sending people into your life when they are truly needed.

In my late teens and early twenties, I spent a lot of time by myself and I was really wanting sisterhood. A collective of women I could confide in. I was experiencing a lot of waves and transitions and I had no idea which way my life was moving. I prayed so hard one night that god would send me women that I could grow with and from. Sisters I could look up to and be proud to build with. At every stage of my life these dynamic women have shown up and show out (y’all know who you are!).

You see there is something magical about having another woman in your corner, cheering you on, advising you on your steps, and celebrating those wins. Society paints and ugly picture of women being kady and petty, like women can’t exist in the same room and thrive. Having a sister whose shoulder is always there for you cry on and an ear to vent to is so key in the evolution through your twenties. I’ve learned the most about my body and how to heal myself from my sisters in spirit. My entrepreneur sisters have shown me how to boss up when called to. My elders sisters have taught me the importance of being graceful and lady like. I truly admire all the sisters I have gained over the years as well as the ones yet to come. Look to your sister peers and celebrate what they have brought to your life and vice versa.