3 Ways to Care For Yourself Through Interior Design


3 Ways to Care For Yourself Through Interior Design

By Sandy Saintilus

Your relationship with yourself is your most important relationship. How you feel and act toward yourself directly affects your relationships with others.

Basically, if you’re thriving then so are your relationships.

With that said, let’s look at how you can better care for yourself with these three interior design tips.

#1 Add Plants In Your Home


This might seem like a simple tip but hear me out.

Plants aren’t just pretty, they can help filter the air pollutants in your home. In this NBC News article, it’s reported that NASA research revealed houseplants can remove up to 87 percent of air toxins in 24 hours. Studies have also proven that indoor plants improve concentration and productivity (by up to 15 percent), reduce stress levels, and boost your mood (Lee, 2017).

It’s a no brainer -- you minus stress makes you happy. And a happy you will have happy relationships.

With all these benefits I wouldn't be shocked if they started prescribing house plants.

I'll have an Rx for fiddle leaf figs and succulents, please!

Not sure what plant to buy? Here’s a list of air-purifying plants to get you started.

  1. Snake Plant

  2. Pothos - Don’t have a green thumb? Try this one!

  3. Rubber Tree

  4. ZZ Plant - This one’s perfect for low-light environments!

  5. Bird’s Nest Fern

  6. Philodendron Green

#2 Try Changing Your Paint Color


How in the world can paint help you achieve better self-care?

Well, ever heard of Chromotherapy?

Chromotherapy is the use of color to improve emotional or mental health. There are even some claims of using color to treat physical ailments as well. 

Remember, a more positive mind equals a more positive you. And a more positive you is going to have more positive relationships.

Changing your paint color is a simple way to encourage good vibes in your space.

Not sure what color to choose? Consider these colors is if you want to evoke a serene, calming effect in your home:


Think of how tranquil it feels to look at the sky or take in an ocean view. Adding a pale blue to your walls with help bring that feeling into your home.


As I mentioned before, nature helps reduce our stress levels. Green is the color of plants so it’s no wonder it made the list of calming paint colors.


Grey is the new white when it comes to interior design. Unlike white walls that can sometimes feel sterile or boring, a light grey is neutral enough to go with any decor and isn’t taxing on the eyes light bright reds or neon colors.

#3 Declutter Your Home


I’m not asking you to go full on Marie Kondo and throw away anything that doesn’t spark joy.

In fact, I still have t-shirts I haven’t worn in 5 years that I’m convinced I might still wear one day. 

What I’m asking is that you don’t throw your 5-year-old t-shirts on the floor. Don’t let your shoes pile up in the entryway or dishes pile up in the sink.

Those may seem like small infractions, but visual clutter can also clutter your mind. A cluttered mind can make you feel fatigued and all around stressed out.

Personally, I feel like my adulting is on 10 when I make my bed each morning. 

What about you?

How do you feel when you clear those dishes from the sink? Vacuum the living room or finally do laundry (cause you were on your last pair of underwear and considered turning them inside out)?

Staying on top of these tasks can give you a sense of accomplishment and control in your life. 

These feelings can bleed into other areas of your life and empower you to take control of your relationships. Maybe you need to end that toxic friendship or get a mentor to help turn your side hustle into your main hustle. What’ve you got to lose? Cleaning up doesn’t hurt, so give it a try!

Try these tips and tag @twentysomethinandblack and me, @sandysaintilus, so we can see your beautiful home!

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