Building A Healthy Outlook on Fitness


Building A Healthy Outlook on Fitness

By Briana Elmore

Your perspective on your fitness journey can make the difference between it being a success or it being a fail. One of the biggest hurdles to overcome in fitness is your mindset. If you are not mentally invested in your fitness journey, you may struggle to have longevity in your healthy pursuits. There are a lot of societal pressures to look a certain way or to portray yourself in a certain light that glorifies fitness. However, there are many levels to fitness and there are various appearances of fitness.

In the Black community, it is not uncommon to see our families and peers embrace unhealthy habits that have long-term health impacts. It is far too common and almost normal to hear of someone in the Black community diagnosed with hypertension, diabetes, and other ailments that can be damaging to the health of a person. It is almost like we are de-sensitized to serious health issues and their effects. I have personally witnessed people avoid or go against get medical instruction to end unhealthy behaviors to avoid negative health diagnosis or to reduce the impacts of diagnosis that they already have received.

This complex made me think a little more deeply into unhealthy behaviors. Sometimes, poor health choices come from a plethora of things such as:

Lack of Knowledge

There are a lot of people who simply do not know how to move forward towards a healthier lifestyle. A lack of understanding can lead to a fear of making lifestyle changes. That fear can lead to avoidance of healthier options and clinging to a comfort zone of unhealthy living. When embarking on a healthy lifestyle, it is important to take small and meaningful steps towards better health.

Lack of Support

It can be very difficult to be the only one in your village who is invested in a different path. The people around you can affect how you approach a new situation. As far as health is concerned, it is difficult to transition your habits. Researching new health and fitness classes in your area. Trying different ways to approach healthy living can give you variety and assist you in building your fitness village.

Lack of Resources

You may not have places nearby to workout or the healthy food options near you can be far and few between. It is important to do your research to find healthy and obtainable resources to assist you in your journey. Contacting professionals for more resources can be very helpful in your quest to becoming the healthiest version of yourself.

Personally, I completely understand the struggle to remain or get healthy. Here are some positive ways to build your fitness confidence and outlook on fitness:

Find Your Why

When embracing health and fitness you must establish your “Why.” Your “Why” is your purpose and reason for embarking on and staying committed to bettering your health. You “Why” will be your motivation to stick with your process when it gets tough or feels like you aren’t moving forward. Fitness is not always about the scale or what you can see externally.

Appreciate the Wins

Fitness is as much about the small wins as it is about the vanity of it. Have an open mindset that will allow you to be kind to yourself on this journey. There are so many different changes that will occur while you progress in your fitness pursuits. Stay encouraged with every good meal choice, mile run, and endurance high reached.

Build a Realistic Routine

Figure out a workout schedule that you can achieve on a regular basis. Sometimes, a goal of doing an hour-long workout every day at 5:00 am when you transition from not working out at all is not the best choice. When a workout schedule fits your schedule and interests realistically, it is easier for you to stick with it. You can start to frame your mindset to see your workout as a release from the stress of your day that you have the opportunity to become your best self.

We are here with you and we support you building a better relationship with health and fitness.