Whole and Healthy: Building Your Mental Readiness for Relationships


Whole and Healthy: Building Your Mental Readiness for Relationships

By Briana Elmore

The relationships that you make room for, romantic or otherwise, can have a huge impact on your life. They can either edify you to grow and be your best self or they can stagnate the growth you desire for yourself. Although relationships with others are important and necessary, the most important relationship that you will ever have is the relationship with yourself. Your sense of self sets the foundation for you to build relationships with others. If you do not have a solid foundation on your own, you cannot be your best in your relationships.

A lot of us, myself included, whole-heartedly want to be in meaningful relationships with the people we allow in our lives so much that we lose sight of our readiness to take on new relationships. We also lose sight of properly nurturing our existing relationships. We can get so caught up in our idea and pursuit of a relationship that we can neglect the mental and emotional preparation necessary to be in a healthy and functional relationship.

Even though we can sometimes long for relationships, the lack of new relationships can be a blessing in disguise. It is your opportunity to look within yourself to determine where you are with your personal development. It is your opportunity to become whole and healthy on your own.

In this time explore these 4 ways to becoming whole enough to be ready for a relationship.

Discover what areas in your life you need to develop.

It is important to take time to make yourself better. This means dealing with the good, the bad, and the ugly. Take this time to heal yourself from the inside out. Discover your patterns and habits in your relationship choices and work on becoming a better version of yourself in your relationships. Learn about yourself and your love language to understand how you give and receive love. Push yourself to go outside of your relationship comfort zones to find a different perspective.

Create A Vision for Yourself.

Look within yourself to determine what your goals and desires are for yourself. Think about where you want to be geographically, emotionally, mentally, professionally, etc. and create a plan of action to fulfill your aspirations.

Put positive energy back into yourself.

Work to create a happier atmosphere around you. Do things that will bring you joy. Branch out and find new interests and hobbies to give you new-found enjoyment. Start to find new ways to treat yourself. Meditate. Do yoga. Get a massage. Go for a run. Read a book. Explore therapy. Pour into yourself in ways that will edify you to become renewed and refreshed.

Commit to accomplishing things that make you better.

Challenge yourself to take your self-care serious. As you find the things that make you happy and discover new ways to accomplish your vision for yourself, be present in your process. Lock into making your vision a part of your reality. Build your community around you to support your vision.

We give so much of ourselves into our relationships that it can sometimes be easy to lose yourself. We can get consumed in making sure we show up for everyone else, that we forget to get make ourselves a priority worth taking seriously. You can’t give or receive love unless your give love to yourself. You can’t depend on others being the source of your happiness. You are more than worthy of being whole and healthy to be your best in all of your relationships.