I Tried Kurly Klips Natural Hair Extensions for a Week. Here’s What I Learned.


Kurly Klips are a Natural Girl’s Best Friend

By Derika Crowley

Natural hair is not only a journey, but also comes with a learning curve. Yes, it’s a beautiful thing to embrace and love the hair God has blessed you with, but I would be lying if I said maintaining and styling your natural hair is an easy process (especially, if you have short, type 4 curls). 

For the past few years, the maintainance style I’ve been able to master with my hair has been the wash-and-go. As a result of this go-to style – and the massive amount of shrinkage I experience – normally once my hair grows to a certain a point, I end up chopping it off and/or getting a protective style…then chopping it off. Kurly Klips – the world’s first natural hair clip-in extensions brand – has been my answer to experimenting with different styles while I grow my hair (and preventing me from cutting it again). 

I received a sample of the full set of the Bobcat Spirals Clip-Ins in the Grand weight for 100% coverage. I selected these since I didn’t want too much of a drastic change from my current TWA (“teeny weenie afro”). I figured as my hair grows out, I can start using the clips for added thickness, instead of length.

First, let’s talk about the brand and its founder, Lana Boone. When Lana first started Kurly Klips, she had no business experience. However, within the first few years since it’s creation, the company generated over a million dollars in sales, shipped to over 30 countries, collected over 100 on-site reviews and has been featured as the only hair extensions brands Magazine’s Best of Black Beauty 2016. 

One thing that makes Kurly Klips – and Lana – stand out from other brands is the genuine interest and care put into providing customers with the best products and services. As the owner of Kurly Klips, Lana personally responds to every customer email and genuinely cares about helping her client’s hair blossom into the styles of their dreams. Honestly, the amazing quality products bring in customers and the personable service that will make you a quickly become a loyal customer ay Kurly Klips. On the site, Lana states “as a Black woman myself, I know how frustrating shopping for hair online can be. That's why I'm dedicated to elevating the experience for all of us.” Trust me when I say, she truly is dedicated to making sure her customers have a satisfying experience.


First, let’s talk about hair quality.

The hair that Kurly Klips uses is bomb. I co-washed right out of the pack and every time I wore them, the curls bounced back well every time. Even with all the tugging and pulling, I experienced minimal shedding which was also amazing. One added step I liked to do after I washed the hair, was spray them with a leave-in conditioner to make them extra soft and smell good. 

Kurly Klips uses 100% premium human hair extensions that have been steam-processed to retain the integrity and high quality of the hair. Their 3c Collection (with I got) is soft and kinky, with an open curl at the bottom of the hair shaft. It has a medium luster with a silky, fluffy feel. For this reason, it doesn't dry out as fast as the kinkier collections, and it doesn't require as much maintenance.

If you want to go opt for a kinkier texture, Kurly Klips also has their Fro Collection, featuring a coarse and kinky texture, with a tight curl at the bottom of the hair shaft. It has a low luster and a cottony feel. It requires a lot of moisture and a good care routine.

How to care for the extensions: 

  1. Before or After Wearing: Spritz this hair with water and rake a curling gel through it if necessary. This step will help lock in moisture and keep it detangled.

  2. After Wearing: Store on a hanger so the hair can expand without getting smushed.   

  3. After 3 - 5 Wears: Wash, deep condition, and apply a curling gel.

Beware, unless you’re a skilled naturalista…it clips take a while to figure out.

Again, since my hair is short and it was a bit hard for me to blend the clips with my natural hair to wear a down style. I do think it will get easier for me the more I practice, but for now, up-do styles were where I felt the most comfortable. I loved being able to slick my hair back into a bun or ponytail, using the clips to give me more length and fullness.


Overall, I love my Kurly Klips!

Yes, I do love them. They are so easy to take care of and I know as I get more skilled with styling them, I’ll be able to pull off a ton of looks. Personally, I think purchasing the “Grand” set is the best investment because if you enjoy doing a variety of styles, the Grand set will give you multiple lengths to play around with. If you already have a ton of hair and only want to use a few clip-ins for additional thickness, the other weighted sets are for you. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the brand or want to try out the products you can go to KurlyKlips.com. There are also a handful of videos you can view to see various ways to style and care for your clip-ins via YouTube or at https://kurlyklips.com/pages/fro-care